Rob McElhenney’s Plastic Surgery: Did He Get Botox?


Rob McElhenney is suspected of getting plastic surgery including Botox and an eyelift.

Rob McElhenney’s fans believe that he looks a lot different these days because of his excessive plastic surgery. They think that the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star has had Botox, fillers, an eyelift, and a facelift. Rob McElhenney has never responded to the plastic surgery accusations.

For the past few years, in the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fandom, there have been more talks about Rob McElhenney‘s appearance than the show or his acting and writing itself which was not the case before. Now, they talk about unsettling it is to see Rob’s appearance every time they see him because of how weird he has started to look. They have a hunch that it’s plastic surgery because he hasn’t been the same since he got jacked.

Here’s everything to know about fans’ opinions on Rob McElhenney’s appearance and whether or not he had plastic surgery!

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Has Rob McElhenney Had Plastic Surgery? Has He Had Botox?

Rob McElhenney (@robmcelhenney) has been ever-changing in terms of looks ever since he got jacked which fans think is because he got plastic surgery as he started to age. Fans suspect he has had Botox, fillers, a facelift, and an eyelift.

Rob McElhenney is suspected of having plastic surgery because of how much he has changed. Rob McElhenney is suspected of having plastic surgery because of how much he has changed.
Image Source: The Guardian

In a Reddit thread that was posted to discuss Rob’s appearance, every user agreed that he had been looking different for several years. Many of them believed that the change had everything to do with plastic surgery. One user commented that they could barely tell who Rob was when they saw him in an ad for Mythic Quest. That kind of unrecognizability is nothing but the result of cosmetic procedures, they added.

It seems to be the eyes mostly. Fans find it disconcerting how Rob McElhenney’s eyes look these days. One Reddit user wrote that the actor’s eyes are wider than they ever used to be and they are missing that slant that gives him some Manson lamps. They are not totally wrong about that one because, in some pictures, he does give the vibe that he’s a crazy stalker who’s trying but failing to act like a normal person just while just looking at the object of his obsession. People think his eyes have changed due to plastic surgery, Botox to be specific.

Some other people think Rob’s eyes look that wide and that big because of either a facelift or an eyelift. His eyes no longer slope down and it’s either because his face was lifted too much or his eyes, they believe. Some think it might be because of undereye fillers. Either way, everyone believes he has had some sort of plastic surgery procedure. It was general consensus in the fandom when Rob began aging rapidly. He looks a decade older than he is. Cosmetic surgery has been known to age people. It’s ironic if Rob got them to prevent aging.

But did Rob McElhenney really get plastic surgery as anti-aging measure? Because he sure has changed a lot but it could literally be due to aging and not necessarily plastic surgery. That’s what some fans argue. One of them commented that beauty is dependent on age and the only reason he started to look older than his age was when, as they observed, his face seemed to quickly age in the two years during the pandemic.

Rob McElhenney is believed to have had Botox, fillers, a facelift, and an eyelift. Rob McElhenney is believed to have had Botox, fillers, a facelift, and an eyelift.
Image Source: Variety

As it turned out, some other fans had been making the same observations and they too noticed that Rob’s face started to look super hollow and old in 2020 and they think his face became that way because he lost body fat and gained muscle. They believe that Rob changed in terms of his appearance not because of plastic surgery but because he got jacked and he can no longer look the same after getting muscular and all.

However, that Rob McElhenney looks different because he got jacked and not because he got plastic surgery is not the opinion of the majority. Most people believe that he has had cosmetic procedures because while comparing how he looked in the earliest seasons to now, he not just has a different appearance but his whole face shape has changed and he looks too squarish. He seems to have gotten himself a new chin. Some believe he is trying to look like Ryan Reynolds.

Why Did Rob McElhenney Feel The Need to Get Plastic Surgery?

Fans are shocked that Rob McElhenney ever feel the need to get plastic surgery because not only is he the best-looking man in any room he is in, but he also once made a very compelling argument about how looking better has been the standard in sitcoms but it’s not real.

Rob McElhenney's fans are sad that he felt the need to have work done. Rob McElhenney’s fans are sad that he felt the need to have work done.
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I mean, he’s the same actor who deliberately and intentionally worked hard to put on weight and get outrageously fat just because he wanted to get across the point that the characters don’t always get better looking as the show progresses as it happened in most other sitcoms. He was ridiculing the attention that was given to making characters look perfect even though it had nothing to do with the storyline. It’s hard to believe he would go on to get plastic surgery.

Nobody ever thought that Rob McElhenney would be the one to get a bunch of plastic surgery done even when he got insanely shredded and muscular. Fans are just sad that he got affected by superficiality in a way nobody thought he would be. He didn’t seem happy to realize that men cared about his body way more than he thought they would. They think that everything changed when he achieved physical perfection and he kept trying to chase it as aging started to take it away and so, he got plastic surgery in an attempt to look perfect as before. Only it ended up making Rob McElhenney look worse.