George Conway’s Plastic Surgery: Has He Had Cosmetic Surgery?


George Conway does not appear to have had plastic surgery.

George Conway’s plastic surgery speculations might come as a surprise because he does not look like he has had cosmetic work on his face. It’s crazy that some people think he has had Botox when his lines and wrinkles could not be more visible on his face. Maybe people are wondering if George Conway had plastic surgery for weight loss purposes. If he has, he has not talked about it.

George Conway is a lawyer and political activist who is noted for his vocal criticism of former President Donald Trump. It’s really hard to believe that there was once a time when Trump not just considered him for the position of Solicitor General of the United States but also for the post of assistant attorney general heading the Civil Division at the United States Department of Justice. Trump was unaware of what Conway thought of him. When Conway withdrew himself from the consideration, he might have gotten an idea.

If that withdrawal did not do the job, it became clear during the 2020 presidential election when Conway joined the Lincoln Project, which is a coalition of former Republicans dedicated to defeating Trump. He recently spoke out against him while discussing the indictment of Trump in the special counsel’s classified documents probe. The video of him discussing that has sparked plastic surgery speculations about him.

Yeah, what he said and his opinions were the things to be discussed and the matter of importance rather than how he looked and his appearance. But let’s ignore that and just go with the flow and talk about his cosmetic surgery. But what is there to discuss? He does not look like he has had any cosmetic enhancement at all. And there are people who think that he has had Botox. Why? His lines and wrinkles are so visible. Do they think he had surgery to lose weight? Let’s discuss George Conway’s plastic surgery!

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Did George Conway Have Plastic Surgery?

George Conway's plastic surgery speculations are on the rise. George Conway’s plastic surgery speculations are on the rise.
Image Source: The Wrap

There’s been a rise in speculations about George Conway after a video in which he was reacting to sources telling CNN of the indictment of former President Donald Trump in the special counsel’s classified documents probe came out. Many people were left wondering if he had done something to his face. Some people thought that he might have had Botox.

George’s plastic surgery speculations seem to have come out of nowhere because there’s really nothing about him that suggests that he might have had work done. He legit does not look any different than he did before. I mean, he looks like he has lost a lot of weight in recent times. And he is obviously not going to look the same after the massive weight loss. So, he has changed in some ways but definitely not from artificial enhancements.

George Conway does not look as heavy as he did before because he has had noticeable weight loss. As a result, the shape of his face seems to have altered. While he had a much chubbier face before, now his face has gotten a lot more slimmer. Maybe that’s why the wrinkles and lines on his face have started to get much more noticeable. When he was fat, he didn’t have as many wrinkles as he does now. Yeah, the change is definitely there. But what about having more wrinkles led people to think he might have had plastic surgery?

Because usually, isn’t it the other way? The lines and creases on somebody’s face start disappearing or never even appears in the first place even when they are supposed to be aging and then, it leads to plastic surgery speculations about them. With George Conway, it’s exactly the opposite and yet there are some people who think he has had Botox. Botox is an anti-wrinkle injection. If he had injected it into his face, why are there still wrinkles on his face?

Did George Conway Get Plastic Surgery to Lose Weight?

Some people wonder if George Conway had surgery to lose weight. houseandwhips.comSome people wonder if George Conway had surgery to lose weight.
Image Source: MSN

George Conway definitely has not had any plastic surgery procedures on his face. The only reason he looks different than before is because he has had a significant weight loss. Besides that, he does not look like he has had any cosmetic procedures. Not even Botox. So, what’s the reason there have been sudden speculations that he has had work done? Do people think he got surgery to lose weight?

It’s possible. He has lost a lot of weight. In a not-very-long time, he has had a significant physical transformation. The way George Conway looked before (he was overweight and looked very fat), it didn’t even look like he would lose weight so soon and so easily. I mean, we don’t know what went behind the scenes and how much effort he put in to shed all those pounds. But it does not look like he could have lost weight just by changing his diet and working out. It’s very possible he had surgery to lose weight. Well, it’s not really plastic surgery per se but still.

George Conway might have had plastic surgery to remove the excess skin after he had the weight loss surgery if he had it at all. If he has, he has never mentioned it. Until he mentions it and speaks about it, it would be going too far if anybody assumed that he had.