Roxanne Ultimatum Plastic Surgery: Fans Seek Her Before and After Pics!


Roxanne from The Ultimatum is believed to have undergone plastic surgery.

Roxanne Kaiser from the second installment of The Ultimatum: Marry or Move on is the latest cast member to be targeted with plastic surgery speculations. Fans think the reality star has had a lot of procedures given how yassified she looks in her Instagram pictures. But The Ultimatum’s Roxanne Kaiser only admitted to having lip fillers when she was asked about plastic surgery. Fans seek her before and after pictures.

The second season of The Ultimatum: Marry or Move on just premiered on Netflix and fans have a lot to discuss about the cast members. The most compelling contestant who has garnered a lot of attention among the viewers this year seems to be self-proclaimed boss b*tch, Roxanne Kaiser. The television personality has polarized the viewers with her loud and strong personality.

While some think she’s very inspiring with her ‘work’ and ‘grind’ and ‘hustle’ and being an independent boss babe and all, others think Roxanne’s too superficial, toxic, and disrespectful with a superiority complex. Also, it does not sit well with many viewers that on a show that is supposed to be about relationships and proposals, she brings up her business more than anything and she talks down to her boyfriend because she feels she is superior to him because she runs a business.

As The Ultimatum viewers said, she’s a real piece of work. Most of them hate her attitude and also her plastic surgery. She does look a bit unnatural and people think it’s because of the cosmetic procedures she has had. Those who don’t like her use that against her on social media and say that she has ruined her face with cosmetic works even though they don’t know what she looked like before. There’s no before and after picture for reference and comparison. Anyway, here’s everything to know about Roxanne Kaiser’s plastic surgery!

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‘The Ultimatum: Marry or Move on’: Roxanne Kaiser’s Plastic Surgery!

Roxanne from The Ultimatum is suspected of having plastic surgery.
houseandwhips.comRoxanne from The Ultimatum is suspected of having plastic surgery.
Image Source: MEAWW

Roxanne Kaiser (@rickyrox_) from the second season of The Ultimatum: Marry or Move on has gone overboard with plastic surgery is what the viewers of the reality show are saying. They think she has had too much dermal fillers as well as lip fillers. Some of them also suspect that she has had Botox.

Kaiser is probably the only cast member who has been able to keep the viewers on the hook in this season of The Ultimatum. She has such a loud and strong personality that attracts everyone’s attention be it positive or negative. While there are many who admire Roxanne for being an independent boss babe running her own business (she brings that up quite a lot, doesn’t she), she also has a lot of critics who think she’s insufferable and she has let the fact that she runs business get to her head (she’s not the only one with business, a lot of women do it but they don’t think they are superior because of it).

These two groups of people are also divided in their opinions when it comes to Roxanne Kaiser’s plastic surgery. Oh, and by the way, more than her personality, it’s her looks that grabs the most attention. She does not look that plastic, not that fake and unnatural but somehow she stands out more because she has a strong personality and she has got The Ultimatum viewers dissecting not just her attitude but her cosmetic work as well.

And unlike her personality, Roxanne Kaiser’s plastic surgery is not very polarizing. Almost everyone on Reddit agrees that whatever cosmetic procedures she has had is horrible and though they do not know how she looked before she participated in The Ultimatum (there are no before and after pictures for comparison), they think that she looked beautiful before cosmetic procedures.

The reality star looks so yassified that she does not even seem natural. She has that Instagram face that is the trend that a lot of people have come to hate. She has clearly had too much plastic surgery to look like that and in doing so, she has lost the realness of her looks. The Ultimatum fans regret all the cosmetic work she has had for her and they also want to know what procedures and how much of it she has had.

Roxanne From The Ultimatum Admitted to Having Lip Fillers!

Roxanne has admitted to having lip fillers only. houseandwhips.comRoxanne has admitted to having lip fillers only.
Image Source: Men’s Health

When one follower asked Roxanne Kaiser during a Q&A session on Instagram how much and what plastic surgery she has had, she said that she had only lip fillers. The Ultimatum viewers could swear that she had dermal fillers as well, going by her waxy complexion but apparently, she has not had it.

None smh [shake my head]. Just some really bad lip filler once, WHICH Y’ALL ALL SAW.

Fans don’t really believe that Roxanne has only had lip fillers in the name of plastic surgery. They think she has had much more than that but she only admitted to getting her lips injected because that was the most obvious one. Her huge lips really take over her entire face and they look so ugly and swollen as if she had been stung by a bee. No natural lips look like that. She probably figured that she couldn’t fool anyone about that one. So, she only admitted to that one even though she has had other plastic surgery procedures as well, is what a lot of The Ultimatum viewers believe.