Scott Cam Made a Gym Cave For Weight Loss!


Scott Cam underwent a weight loss in 2020. – Scott Cam has definitely undergone weight loss but not recently. The Block host embarked on a journey of fitness when Australia went into lockdown in 2020. He lost 10 kgs at the time working out in his home gym. Since then, he has looked fitter and more slender than he used to. Scott Cam has done a good job at maintaining his weight loss.

Reality television renovation shows are Scott Cam‘s forte. He has hosted like every one of them. If not all, at least the most popular ones. The Australian presenter is most known as the host of the hit renovation show The Block in which couples compete against each other to sell the house they renovate at the highest price, and he started his career in 2000 on Nine’s Backyard Blitz, doing building segments. He then went on to appear on Renovation Rescue, Our Place, and Domestic Blitz.

In 2010, Scott Cam hosted The Block and the rest is history. In 2014, he was awarded the Silver Logie for Most Popular Presenter and the Gold Logie for Most Popular Australian TV Personality. His name is going down in history as one of the most loved television presenters in Australia. Anyway, right now, his name is often being mentioned in the context of his weight loss, so let’s talk about that!

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Scott Cam’s Weight Loss: How Did He Attain Such Slim Physique and Fit Body?

Scott Cam (@scottycamofficial) has certainly had weight loss but it’s not a recent thing. He has been sporting his slimmer physique ever since 2020 when he embarked on a journey of fitness. He lost 10 kgs at the time.

Scott Cam underwent a weight loss of 10 kg in 2020. houseandwhips.comScott Cam underwent a weight loss of 10 kg in 2020.
Image Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

Have people just been noticing that The Block host has slimmed down? There’s no other reason why there would start discussions about his weight now, out of nowhere. His weight has not fluctuated recently and he has been looking the way he looks now for a few years. He was not the fittest man but over the last few years, he has considerably slimmed down. His weight loss is definitely not recent.

Scott Cam lost weight in 2020 after Australia shut down because of the pandemic and he has maintained his slim body since then. The presenter saw the coronavirus lockdown as an opportunity to keep in touch with his exercises and get in shape. Thus, he embarked on a journey of fitness and health. He built a gym in his home, which he refers to as his own ‘gym cave.’ Working out from his gym cave, he became successful in his weight loss journey.

What workout did the Channel Nine presenter do that led to him slimming down so? He has a much better physique now, so the question would definitely crop up. He has already let the public on in the secret of his fitness. In an interview with Daily Mail, speaking of what exercise he did to have weight loss, he revealed that he did interval training four times a week.

Scott Cam shared that his workout routine was him doing weight training for 30 minutes with 45 seconds on and then 15 seconds off. He also said that he alternated between five sets of six exercises and focused on different muscle groups every day. As for his diet, he said that he has always tried to be cautious of what he is eating but after he started doing workouts, he tried even harder to consume snacks less because the whole thing may have started as a weight loss journey but it became about his health as he went on.

I have lost some weight, but it’s more about getting healthy.

Scott Cam Started His Weight Loss Journey in 2020!

Scott Cam wanted to do something about his weight because he had bulked up. houseandwhips.comScott Cam wanted to do something about his weight because he had bulked up.
Image Source: Yahoo Lifestyle

Sharing how it all began, when exactly he decided to lose weight and get fit, and when he changed his lifestyle, the Gold Logie winner said that it was the holiday season that got him started. He had started working out several times in the past but he never went on for a long time. However, since there was a lockdown in 2020, he continued with his new exercise schedule. Scott Cam‘s consistency led to his weight loss and produced good results.

I started over Christmas break and kept going. I’ve been a fan of the gym on and off for years. I’ve never been consistent though until I started during the break.

He never was as dedicated to getting back on track with his fitness as then. He said that it was the support he got from his family that served as a driving factor to keep himself fit. When exercising and keeping fit becomes a family thing, weight loss becomes much more interesting and easier. Maybe because it was a family thing, Scott Cam made a gym at home, which he began calling a gym cave after he covered the room in a natural stone wall.

He lost about 10 kilograms in 2020 and it was the best for him because he had been a little too relaxed with his health and fitness habits the previous year and he had bulked up. He realized that he needed to do something about his weight and so, he did.

You know, when you’re getting old and you slow down and you realise, ‘jeez, I better pull my finger out and have a bit of a go and get back into fitness again.’

Scott Cam has since maintained his weight loss.