Shaughna Phillips’ Weight Gain: The Love Island Star Gained Two Stones in 2020!


Shaughna Phillips underwent a weight gain of two stones during the lockdown.

Shaughna Phillips underwent weight gain during the lockdown and reached size 14. Freaked out about it, the Love Island star immediately embarked on a weight loss journey. But when she realized that being skinny did not make her happy, she learned to let go. Shaughna Phillips wouldn’t be very bothered if she were to have weight gain now.

Shaughna Phillips always seemed to be a confident woman. Most of those who come to Love Island do. But for Phillips, that turned out to be a facade because she was really not feeling self-assured about herself when she first did the reality show. The reality star thought that she was just cast to be the token plus-size girl for the purpose of diversity in body types. She tortured herself thinking all kinds of negative things. It did not help that she appeared to be the biggest girl on Love Island when she arrived. No wonder she freaked about the weight gain she had in the following months. Now, she has learned to not put that much importance on her weight but it really got worse for some time before it got better.

Here’s everything to know about Shaughna Phillips’ weight gain and how she dealt with it!

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Shaughna Phillips’ Weight Gain: She Was Obsessed With Her Size For a While!

Shaughna Phillips was obsessed with her weight and the way she looked.
Shaughna Phillips was obsessed with her weight and the way she looked. 
Image Source: The US Sun

Shaughna Phillips (@shaughnaphillips) might have been the biggest woman in Love Island when she first arrived at the villa but that was not her biggest. She had been bigger before and that partly contributed to her feeling super-conscious about her looks. She revealed that she was a size eight when she made her debut in the show in January 2020. She was already not feeling her size and when she had weight gain in the following months, she kind of freaked out about in the beginning.

It’s sad but not very surprising now that we know how the reality star used to be obsessed with her weight. She didn’t like that she had the weight gain on top of feeling like the biggest woman in the show. In an interview with The Sun, Shaughna Phillips admitted that she had kind of been a normal-sized girl her entire life but before she went to Love Island, she was not really happy and very insecure about her size and the way she looked. She seemed to believe that teen mags are responsible for people’s discomfort in their own bodies as they force readers to ‘subconsciously consume the unrealistic body standards from a very young age.’

Shaughna Phillips underwent a weight gain of two stones during the lockdown.
Shaughna Phillips underwent a weight gain of two stones during the lockdown.
Image Source: The Radio Times

Shaughna, obsessed with her size, lost a lot of weight before she came to the Love Island villa. But being slimmer than before didn’t really make her happy, it just added the pressure of “oh my god, if you eat this you might put weight on again.” Even though she had gotten skinny, she felt fat and it got worse on the island because ‘obviously, the girls in there were stunning and she thought that she was the biggest girl in there.’ Her issues with her size and her weight gain got really bad for a while.

How Does Shaughna Phillips Feel About Her Weight Gain Now?

It’s because of her difficult relationship with food. Shaughna Phillips revealed in an interview that she had been on a diet ever since she was 14 years old. And since her father passed away from cancer in 2016, she went on to make food her obsession even though from a young age, she was taught that ‘food is the enemy.’ After that, she found it difficult to get out of unhealthy habits. As a result, she underwent weight gain during the lockdown because she overindulged a bit.

Shaughna Phillips wouldn't be as bothered about the weight gain now that she's no longer obsessed with her size as before.
Shaughna Phillips wouldn’t be as bothered about the weight gain now that she’s no longer obsessed with her size as before.
Image Source: Digital Spy

Shaughna Phillips got up to size 14 and she was not having it. She immediately started her weight loss journey with the help of Jonple app. She managed to get a lot skinnier and got a lot fitter. In September 2020, she described her journey saying,

In lockdown I definitely indulged a lot more than I used to when it came to food. I did end up gaining quite a bit of weight. I gained two stone. Some of you may have already noticed, but for those who haven’t I have recently been trying to get back into the swing of things (life basically!), and that includes working out and eating better, as well as trying to adapt my working life around my new healthy lifestyle!

Now, Shaughna Phillips has come a long way from feeling insecure about her weight. After realizing that she had gotten ‘too skinny’ but it did not make her happy, she realized that it wasn’t what she actually wanted and she stopped placing her worth in her weight. She was no longer the insecure girl with body dysmorphia on the show. She realized that she looked absolutely fine and had no reason to worry excessively about the weight gain.

The Love Island star has a much more positive relationship with her body and her relationship with food and exercise has improved and her mindset regarding her weight seems to have changed for the better. Now, even if she were to have a weight gain, she would not make a big deal out of it because she has already reached a place where she has an acceptance of her body no matter the size.