Shital Indian Matchmaking Plastic Surgery: Did She Get Fillers and a Nose Job?


Shital Indian Matchmaking Plastic Surgery: Did She Get Fillers and a Nose Job?

Shital Patel from Indian Matchmaking seems to have undergone plastic surgery going by how she looks a lot different compared to how she looked in her old pictures. The reality star seems to have had Botox, fillers, lip fillers, and a nose job is what Indian Matchmaking viewers think. However, Shital Patel has never confirmed having any of these plastic surgery procedures.

The third season of Indian Matchmaking has been released on Netflix and there has been a hullabaloo going on social media since then. It is mostly due to expert matchmaker Sima Taparia sparking outrage for having ‘regressive views’ and being ‘unfeminist’ about marriage. It’s not just people on the internet who feel that way but one of the singles on the show has also been vocal about that.

Though Shital Patel chose to enlist the help of Taparia to find her match, she did not seem very hopeful that Taparia would be able to find someone for her because, as the reality star said, she disagrees with 60 to 70% of Sima’s matchmaking ideology. It goes without saying that she didn’t feel a spark with the people Sima set her up with. But she’s with Niraj now. So, all’s well that ends well, I guess.

Anyway, about Shital, people think she has had plastic surgery. She looks extremely stunning and people think she’s not natural.  The viewers think she has had Botox, fillers, and a nose job at the least. Let’s learn more about Indian Matchmaking’s Shital Patel’s plastic surgery!

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Indian Matchmaking: Shital Patel’s Plastic Surgery; Fans Suspect She Has Had Botox, Lip Fillers, and a Nose Job!

Shital Patel (@therealshitalpatel) from Indian Matchmaking, fans have noticed, appears to have undergone plastic surgery. They speculate that she has had Botox, lip fillers, and a nose job.

Whenever Shital Patel comes on the screen as you watch Indian Matchmaking, viewers can’t help but admire how pretty she looks. She is really one of the most beautiful women in the show. And beautiful she might be, but she’s definitely not natural, as fans have noticed. Though people are not aware of how she used to look before, they believe that she has altered certain features of her face with the aid of plastic surgery.

Indian Matchmaking viewers suspect Shital Patel has had plastic surgery.
Indian Matchmaking viewers suspect Shital Patel has had plastic surgery.
Image Source: TODAY

For instance, Indian Matchmaking viewers have noticed that Shital Patel’s lips are not real. They are full and she has a voluptuous pout but you can tell they were not naturally shaped that way and that she had resorted to lip injections to get that pout. Her lips are not extremely puffy and swollen as though she had been stung but she has that Instagram look to her mouth that is generic because it’s achieved with plastic surgery. Well, lip fillers, but whatever, it’s a cosmetic procedure.

Besides, it’s not just lip fillers that Shital Patel has had. She has had a lot more. At least that’s what her fans think. Whenever there’s a discussion about the Indian Matchmaking star’s looks, a lot of people always bring up how she looks like if the Kardashians were Indian. And you know the Kardashians are not known for their natural beauty but are dragged for getting tons of plastic surgery procedures.

On a Reddit thread discussing her looks, some users likened Shital Patel from Indian Matchmaking to Lisa Hochenstein from RHOM, writing that they thought that Patel gets a lot of filler just like Lisa which makes them look very identical. Patel does not have a pillowy complexion to speak of and her face is not distorted by fillers but anybody could tell that she has had plastic surgery on her face.

Because, as a Reddit user put it, the reality star’s skin has ‘that thin shiny quality’ that people only get when they inject it with stuff such as fillers and Botox. And, by the way, Shital Patel has had Botox too. Her face and her forehead are way too smooth for it to be natural. Besides, she’s pushing 40. She’s supposed to have developed a few wrinkles and lines on her face by now. And she must have as well. Only, she removed it with the help of plastic surgery.

Shital Patel is believed to have had Botox, fillers, and a nose job.
Shital Patel is believed to have had Botox, fillers, and a nose job.
Image Source: Instagram

Besides all the Botox and fillers, Shital Patel seems to have undergone a nose job as well. It looks as though she had rhinoplasty sometime when filming for Season 2 of Indian Matchmaking because fans perceive changes during that season. Several viewers made an observation about how the tip of her nose was big and downturned but later on you can see her nostrils straight. So, yeah, she got plastic surgery to make her nose shorter, narrower, and more upturned.

Some people think she has got work done on her eyes too, though what procedure exactly, they are unable to pinpoint. There are some people who think her appearance has changed a lot after they had a look at her in the old photos. They claim that she looks nothing like those old pictures of herself and like she is a completely different person now. They believe it’s all due to plastic surgery.

However, those are all speculations and the question is are those true speculations? Well, until Shital Patel from Indian Matchmaking herself confirms it, we cannot tell and so far, she has not had any conversation about plastic surgery. So, until she does, take all those speculations with a grain of salt!