Taylor Swift Eyelid Surgery: Did She Get Upper Blepharoplasty?


Taylor Swift seems to have had eyelid surgery. houseandwhips.com

Taylor Swift is highly suspected of having undergone upper eyelid surgery because her eyes don’t have the same squint she used to have when she was younger. Up till 2013, the popstar noticeably had heavily lidded eyes which looked small but not any more. Taylor Swift has very wide eyes now and you can see her full eyelids. People think she has had upper blepharoplasty to open up her eyes but she has never admitted to having eyelid surgery or any other plastic surgery.  

Taylor Swift is the world’s biggest pop star right now and there is no debate about it. She has influenced the music industry like nobody before and nobody possibly ever will. She’s everywhere dominating all kinds of cultural conversations. She has transcended the music scene so much so that she’s in her own league and nothing compares to her in terms of her chart success, fan support, and critical acclaim. I mean, she’s the only one selling million records in the streaming-dominated industry. Her musical versatility and artistic reinventions have paid off very well.

Taylor Swift is now a prominent cultural figure of the 21st century with millions of die-hard fans who are very invested in her and everything she does. As such, besides her music, the evolution in her looks interests them and especially, they are fascinated by the change in her eyes, eyelid to be specific. She has never admitted to it but lots of people think she has had an eyelid surgery. She used to have very small narrow eyes which are now very wide and open and many believe that it’s the result of a blepharoplasty procedure.

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Taylor Swift’s Eyelid Surgery: She Used to Have Extremely Hooded Eyes!

Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) most likely has had upper eyelid surgery by the looks of it. She used to have hooded eyes when she was younger and now, she does not anymore, and the general public believes that a blepharoplasty procedure has made all the difference.

Taylor Swift appears to have undergone upper eyelid surgery. houseandwhips.comTaylor Swift appears to have undergone upper eyelid surgery.
Image Source: People Magazine

Two things about the world’s reigning pop star you must know are that she writes the most heart-felt and catchiest lyrics and that she has the most beautiful eyes. You can’t deny either. Especially, the latter one because the scientists themselves have said that she indeed has the most beautiful eyes, very rare with its electric blue with a black tint on the outline. She has very striking eyes so, you might have noticed that she appears to have undergone upper eyelid surgery.

With those gorgeous blue eyes she has, you would think that there’s nothing that Taylor Swift would change about them but it looks like she never was a fan of how hooded they used to be because there’s some obvious blepharoplasty right there. There was nothing wrong with them and she was always a stunner but I guess it’s a personal preference that she didn’t like that her eyes looked small and narrow because of her heavy eyelids so, she got eyelid surgery.

Compare pictures of the Grammy winner from before 2014 and the recent ones and you will notice that she had a very prominent brow-ridge and extremely hooded eyes. They were very heavy-lidded which made her eyes look very striking because she always looked like she was squinting. Her eyes looked very small whereas now, they are wide open. The obvious difference has to be because of eyelid surgery, right? She had to have blepharoplasty because how else would her eyelids change otherwise?

Taylor Swift Has Not Admitted To Having Eyelid Surgery But How Did She Lose Her Squint?

Taylor Swift had very little lid space for eye makeup and now, it’s not the same anymore. This change escaped people’s notice for the longest time because the blepharoplasty she most likely had was done very subtly and she changed her eye makeup before she debuted her new eyelids. But look at the before and after pictures and you will easily spot the eyelid surgery.

Taylor Swift has not admitted to having blepharoplasty procedure. houseandwhips.comTaylor Swift has not admitted to having a blepharoplasty procedure.
Image Source: Variety

How can you not when the Anti-Hero hitmaker has noticeably lost that squint she used to have? When she had hooded eyes, it always looked like she used to squint but now that she does not have as heavy lids as before and her eyes are wide open, she no longer squints. She has a deeper eyelid crease and her eyes look very big now. She chose the perfect surgeon for her eyelid surgery and it has paid off well.

Not that there was anything wrong with her pre-blepharoplasty eyes but I think Taylor Swift is not a fan of hooded eyes. She also does not seem to be a fan of revealing plastic surgery because it looks as though she planned it such that people wouldn’t notice the change in her eyelids. Until 2013, she had heavily-lidded eyes, in 2014, she started doing the boldest eye makeup she had ever done. The heavy eyeliner she wore at that time took the attention off her eyelids and she seemingly took that time to get eyelid surgery.

Because when the Lover crooner eased on the dramatic eye makeup and returned to her usual cat eye look, she no longer had the hooded eyes that were so noticeable before. She disguised the blepharoplasty procedure by changing her makeup and her transition to a wide-eyed girl went completely unnoticed. But now you know that she most certainly has had upper eyelid surgery.

Note that Taylor Swift has never admitted to having a blepharoplasty procedure (or any other plastic surgery procedure for that matter) but I think the fact that her eyes don’t have much of a hood like she used to and that you can see her full eyelid when her eyes are open (you couldn’t before because they were heavy and hidden) highlights her eyelid surgery.