The Speakmans’ Plastic Surgery: Have They Had Cosmetic Surgery? Fans Seek Their Before and After Pictures!


The Speakmans' Plastic Surgery: Have They Had Cosmetic Surgery? Fans Seek Their Before and After Pictures!

The Speakmans look very uncanny and alien-like and they could very well be a parody of a human being and all due to plastic surgery they went overboard with. Both of them look very smooth in the face and forehead which means both of them had Botox. Nik Speakman has had cheek fillers unevenly filled and Eva Speakman got very unflattering implants on the jaw and chin. She also got a nose job and lip fillers which does not look good. The Speakmans have made no comments on their plastic surgery and how they looked very different before.  

The Speakmans is a husband-and-wife team who controversially claims to have developed a new form of therapy and have their practice of ‘successfully treating ordinary people with extraordinary problems.’ The team consists of Nik Speakman and Eva Speakman, both of whom are British writers, therapists, life coaches, and television presenters. They first came into prominence when they hosted a Living TV show A Life Coach Less Ordinary.

They seemed to have gotten the idea of having a career as a life coach from then on because they published a book You Can Be Fantastic Too right after. In 2010, they hosted a television pilot for the American FOX Network Panic Attack. In 2014, they got their own daytime television show named after them The Speakmans on ITV. The show ended after 20 episodes but established their career as therapists and also earned them some names like ‘charlatans’ or ‘mental quacks.’

They are a controversial lot and they may not have convinced everyone with their form of therapy but they have got everyone intrigued with their faces. Uncannny and alien-like. Do their faces stretch like rubbers because it looks like that? Also, if their faces melt, will the remainings be wax because it looks like that? Either way, the point is they have gotten loads of plastic surgery. They have never talked about it but they might as well have put a note on their forehead that they have had tons of cosmetic surgery because they have gone overboard with it and everyone can tell. Or stuck the note because it looks like things stick there. Here are all the details about The Speakmans’ plastic surgery!

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The Speakmans’ Plastic Surgery: They Look Nothing Like They Did Before; Nik Speakman Had Botox and Cheek Fillers; Eva Speakman Had Botox, Nose Job, Lip Fillers, and Chin and Jaw Implants!

Nik Speakman seems to have had Botox, cheek fillers, and teeth whitening and Eva Speakman looks like she has had Botox, a nose job, lip fillers, chin and jaw implants. Both of them have had tons of plastic surgery.

As The Guardian notes, The Speakmans (@thespeakmans) are a wide-eyed, dramatically haired husband-and-wife team whose self-developed form of therapy, freed Holly Willoughby from her fear of ghosts, cured Kym Marsh of her motorway phobia, and shaped Kerry Katona into a beacon of mental wellness. And not satisfied after doing all that, they want to unleash their therapies on us, blasting the shackles of psychiatric disability away quicker than you can say “get me the number of the General Medical Council”.

Now, see, this is very accurate reporting but what they failed to observe is the couple’s greatest crime – that they not are dramatically haired but they are faced that way as well. I would be willing to bet a lot that if your eyes finds their face, they will keep running over their face and will get stuck there. You simply can’t take you eyes off The Speakman’s faces. Maybe that’s what they told their doctors when they went to get plastic surgery – ‘Make sure nobody would be able to take their eyes off us.’ Well, they got what they wanted. They should have just stuck to their before faces.

The plastic surgery duo is just incredible in how they provide the services of life-changing therapies and also in how they receive the services of face-changing surgeries. People have forgotten what their faces looked like before. People say they are very much fascinated by how similar they look. If you are a married couple, you should take it as an offense. But I don’t think The Speakmans will take it as such. If they ever hear that, they would probably be like ‘well, duh, we have been sliced and diced by the same surgeon.’

But, in all seriousness, I don’t think it’s slicing and dicing. It’s probably just injecting and more injecting. They seem to have gone overboard with Botox and fillers. Maybe The Speakmans have as much knowledge in psychology and mental heath counseling as they have in plastic surgery. And maybe that was not enough because if they were hoping to buy youth with cosmetic surgery, they got a raw deal. Because they definitely got rid of the signs of aging like lines and wrinkles, but they did not get the youth that was promised, instead they had to settle for alien-like and uncanny.

Nik Speakman looks very smooth in the face and in the forehead as well which makes him look very waxy. And I don’t know how to explain this but in some pictures, it legit looks like he’s not even real and somebody drew him there and he could be erased right off. He looks like a parody of a human being. And his cheek fillers are uneven. One cheek looks fuller than the other. And look at his teeth. Nobody has that white teeth. If only he knew that there is a point where teeth whitening needs to be stopped. The Speakmans should never think about having plastic surgery again.

And Eva Speakman! Her jaw has a life of its own. Look at how pointy and protruding it is. Her chin precedes her wherever she goes by at least 30 seconds. If someone made an animated version of her, she would look like a witch, except with a less sharp nose or less sharper nose than her jaw. Did she have implants or fillers on her jaw and chin? Do fillers give that much definition? It’s definitely implants. That plastic surgery cost her money, caused her pain, and ended up making her look like that. How unfortunate for The Speakmans!

Eva Speakman also seems to have the same smooth forehead and face that Nik Speakman does. So, implants on the jaw and filler is not all she had, she also got Botox and fillers. She also might have had a nose job. Her nose definitely didn’t look sharper like this before. She also looks like she had lip fillers. She seems to have made some bad choices with plastic surgery. The Speakmans may need therapy to deal with the trauma of bad plastic surgery.

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