The Veronicas Got Plastic Surgery To Look More Identical?


The Veronicas may have had plastic surgery to look more similar. – The Veronicas are not new to being the subject of plastic surgery speculations. The twin pop duo, Lisa and Jessica Origliasso, is thought to have had Botox or a brow lift, a nose job, and lip fillers. They also supposedly got their buccal fat removed to refine their facial features. The Veronicas once denied the plastic surgery claims in 2009. Since then, they have never responded to speculations. 

The Veronicas, the Australian pop duo comprised of identical twin sisters Lisa and Jessica Origliasso, rose to fame in 2005 when they came out with their debut studio album The Secret Life of….. They topped the chart with their single from the second album Hook Me Up and they reached new heights of international popularity when Untouched became a global hit.

The twins only got more popular with their other albums, You Ruin Me, Godzilla, and Human. They got their own reality show on MTV called The Veronicas: Blood Is For Life in 2019 and they also competed on the fifth season of The Celebrity Apprentice Australia in 2021. They recently announced their sixth album Gothic Summer and they have already released a new single Detox as well. Now that they are back with new music, they are back in the limelight, which, among many other things, means being the subject of plastic surgery speculations!

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The Veronicas’ Plastic Surgery: The Twins Have More Defined and Refined Looks Than Before!

The Veronicas (@theveronicasmusic) have most likely changed their features to refine them with the help of plastic surgery. They are especially suspected of having either Botox or a brow lift, a nose job, and lip fillers.

The Veronicas may have gotten plastic surgery to look more identical.  houseandwhips.comThe Veronicas may have gotten plastic surgery to look more identical.
Image Source: BBC

The Australian pop twins Lisa and Jessica Origliasso were both very young and fresh-faced when they first rose to prominence as a duo of 20-year-olds. They have changed a lot since they first entered the spotlight. So, I guess you can tell that they are not new to having people discuss their plastic surgery on social media. Since the difference in their appearance looks more pronounced than ever before, their fans have been dissecting their appearances in pictures more than ever.

It especially hasn’t left people’s minds that The Veronicas look more alike than before to the point that it’s impossible to tell them apart. It was not so at the beginning when they didn’t look identical as now and you could tell them apart. Jessica had a longer and slimmer face compared to her twin Lisa who had a rounder and chubbier face. However, now, both of them have narrow profiles with their long and slender faces. If not both of them, one had plastic surgery to look like the other.

The Veronicas have definitely done something about their buccal fat because both of them didn’t have such slim faces before. They used to have fat on their cheeks before and now that they don’t, their whole face, especially their jawlines looks extremely defined. And before you say that it’s just aging and they lost their baby fat because they got older, let me tell you that these plastic surgery speculations, about buccal fat removal in particular, are not recent. These have been going on since 2007 when they were just two years into their career.

Aside from their profile, The Veronicas seem to have altered their nose to refine it more and plumped their lips as well because their nose definitely didn’t look that smooth and their lips that full before. Both of them also look like they have had a brow lift because their brows sit higher than they did before. Compare the pictures of when they were young to more recent ones and you can’t help but think that they have had plastic surgery, especially a nose job, lip fillers, and a brow lift.

The Veronicas Once Denied Having Plastic Surgery!

The Veronicas denied that they had plastic surgery and claimed to be all-natural in 2009. houseandwhips.comThe Veronicas denied that they had plastic surgery and claimed to be all-natural in 2009.
Image Source: Rolling Stone

The twins might have risen to international fame with their single Untouched but it definitely does not look like they are without touch-ups. They don’t look like they have had much work done, they look pretty natural. Only when you look at their before and after pictures side-by-side, you will notice how different The Veronicas look from before and see for yourself that they have had a lot of subtle plastic surgery to tweak their features to give a refined look to their appearance.

As per Edgecliff plastic surgeon Dr. Jeremy Hunt, the twins may have had many non-surgical procedures that are not too drastic. Well, even if it’s non-surgical, it’s a kind of plastic surgery given how much their looks have changed.

I would suggest that both of their top lips are fuller…they have fillers in both upper and lower lips. Their brow position are both higher, which doesn’t fit with the ageing process, which is suggestive of a little bit of Botox or a chemical brow lift. They used to have a flat horizontal brown but now they have an arch, peak brow.

According to another plastic surgery expert Dr. Darryl Hodginkson, The Veronicas may have had subtle nose jobs “around the dorsum or bridge of the nose” and they may also have something done about their cheek fats and something to their jaw.

The greatest change in the last three to four years is that they have both lost the ‘puppy fat’ around their cheeks and jaw lines leaving them both with a more defined jaw line and tauter look.

The Veronicas have not responded to the cosmetic surgery speculations in a long time since they had their spokesman deny all the accusations of cosmetic procedures in 2009.

(They) absolutely haven’t had any plastic surgery – they are 100 percent natural.