Vanessa Amorosi Hasn’t Had Plastic Surgery? Doesn’t Look Like It!

Derick Scholz

Vanessa Amorosi is believed to have had plastic surgery to fight aging.

Vanessa Amorosi has absolutely had plastic surgery by the looks of it. The singer looks nothing like herself and not because of aging. She looks so unnatural, weird, and frozen. She had to have had Botox, fillers, and maybe a facelift as well. She is also believed to have undergone a nose job and breast augmentation as well. Vanessa Amorosi has denied having plastic surgery but she says she’s fine with it.

Vanessa Amorosi was catapulted to fame in 1999 with the release of her debut single Have a Look which was certified gold in Australia. It didn’t seem possible at the time but her debut studio album The Power, which was an international success, made her even more popular. But what cemented her legacy was her performance of Absolutely Everybody at the closing ceremony of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, which became a major hit in Australia, the UK, Germany, and many European countries. It became sort of like an unofficial anthem of the games.

The singer has released six albums since then, all of which performed very well but never did she come close to the success and popularity she had when she performed at the closing ceremony. Anyway, she has been around for more than two decades now. A lot has changed since then. Most of all, her face. You really would not be able to tell it was her these days, she looks that different. Looking at her, you couldn’t help yourself but wonder about Vanessa Amorosi’s plastic surgery!

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Vanessa Amorosi’s Plastic Surgery: The Obvious Reason Why She Looks The Way She Looks?

Vanessa Amorosi (@vanessaamorosi) is widely believed by the majority of her followers to have undergone plastic surgery. They think she has had Botox, fillers, and a facelift. There are also rumors of a nose job and breast augmentation.

Vanessa Amorosi has so obviously had plastic surgery because she doesn't look like herself. houseandwhips.comVanessa Amorosi has so obviously had plastic surgery because she doesn’t look like herself.
Image Source: The West Australian

It’s been a long time since Amorosi first rose to popularity as she stormed the Aussie charts in 1999. While she’s still going very strong as a singer, she has mostly fallen off of the radar with the current generation because she frequently disappears from the public eye. So, these days, looking at her, nobody would be able to recognize her because she has changed so d*mn much. And by change, I mean, turned into a whole new person in terms of appearance. You just know people love to gossip about her plastic surgery because who better than her?

When people hear Vanessa Amorosi, they probably think of her from the time she sang her anthemic Absolutely Everybody at the Sydney Olympics. That memory is etched in everyone’s minds but she looks nothing like she did then. She is no longer the same fresh-faced sensation she was when she mesmerized and captivated the Australians with that performance. Because she has had plastic surgery since then.

Not that if she had not had cosmetic procedures, she would still look the same because more than two decades have gone by. She would have aged and no longer looked the same. But with natural aging, people still would have recognized her because behind the wrinkles and lines would have been the same her. But, no, just look at her now and see if there’s a trace of the looks she had when she was younger. Allow me to tell you that she does not. Most likely because she had plastic surgery.

What Plastic Surgery Has Vanessa Amorosi Had?

Vanessa Amorosi most certainly has gone under the knife because how else would she look so distorted? She sure would not have looked that way if she had aged naturally. She looks so unnatural and weird. She does not just look unlike herself, she looks unlike any human. She kind of resembles a wax statue. From certain distances, many people would even mistake her for a mannequin. That can only be the result of plastic surgery, a botched one at that.

Vanessa Amorosi has denied having plastic surgery but fans don't buy that. houseandwhips.comVanessa Amorosi has denied having plastic surgery but fans don’t buy that.
Image Source: ABC

The singer must have had Botox but not known when to stop because it does not just look like the wrinkles and lines on her face have been smoothened out, it looks like her whole face had been tried to wipe out if that makes sense. Just look at her perfect skin texture which looks so eery and you will know what I’m saying. Also, it had to be fillers that made her complexion that pillowy and weird, right? She got too much plastic surgery, didn’t she?

Vanessa Amorosi also appears to have had a facelift because obviously, her face looks snatched and tight. There are also rumors of her having a nose job and breast augmentation but she has denied having those procedures. However, she has made sure to mention that she is not against plastic surgery.

Even people who’ve had surgery, if that makes you feel good about yourself, then so be it. If you’re happy about who you are because you’ve had something done, fine.

I feel like she might be holding back on speaking on that topic. Till she does, we can only make speculations in that regard. Note that no matter how certain we can be, we can’t really confirm that Vanessa Amorosi has had plastic surgery because it has to come from her.