The Family Chantel: Winter Everett’s Weight Loss Surgery & Instagram Pictures!


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The Family Chantel: Winter Everett's Weight Loss Surgery & Instagram Pictures!

Winter Everett of The Family Chantel fame showed off her body transformation post weight loss in the third season of the show. The TLC star first revealed her weight loss of 50 pounds in 2020 and she has continued her weight loss journey since those days. Fans in 2022 are wondering if Winter Everett underwent a weight loss surgery, along with before and after pictures. Winter is now a fitness influencer and has picked up many brand sponsorships, which is evident on Instagram.

Winter Everett was one of the breakout stars to come out of The Family Chantel. This spin-off show, out of many, of 90 Day Fiance – a TLC reality show that brought into prominence and public interest Chantel Everett and her husband Pedro Jimeno with their drama – focuses on the lives of the married couple and their extended family members too.

The second season of the spin-off The Family Chantel centers around the Chantel and Jimeno but there are also many sub-plots running around with the Jimeno and Everett families. One such storyline people found following is the weight loss journey of Chantel’s sister Winter Everett.

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Did Winter Everett from The Family Chantel Have Weight Loss Surgery?

The viewers got to know more about Winter Everett‘s (@winterckyler) struggles with weight and see more of her weight loss journey in the third episode of the second season, ‘Ugly Sweaters, Painted Beards’.

She had a bit of a tell-all about her childhood and when and how she began to experience problems because of her weight in a confessional scene. Winter Everett shared about her lifelong struggle with body image and weight candidly which resonated with a lot of the audience watching at home.

Taking a glimpse into her childhood, the audience could tell that it really must have been difficult to be the sister of the perfect Chantel. Chantel is absolutely gorgeous with an extremely fit and enviable body.

Meanwhile, Winter was the less pretty sister easily forgettable in presence of Chantel and easily overshadowed by her every day. All because she didn’t look like her sister and as she put it, ‘she is not her.’

Growing up with her sister, Winter Everett always was compared to her sister, and obviously, she would never come off better because she was overweight, which is the thing not to be as dictated by the standards of the body set by the society. She hated her body, her curly hair, and everything about her. That really messed up her self-worth and damaged her self-esteem.

To solve that problem of not bearing a resemblance to Chantel, she used to wear a whole lot of makeup and did a lot of things to make herself look different.

Much of Winter Everett childhood was spent in the shadow of her more beautiful and famous sister being compared to her and struggling with her body image and weight and then trying and failing to look like her. This unfair and harmful comparison not only got her self-esteem but also damaged the relationship between the sisters.

Winter could never fathom how she came to be like that, so opposite to her sister because both of them lived the same life. They ran together, they were on the cheerleading team together, and they both ate healthy. But it was Winter who grew up to be fat whereas Chantel turned out perfectly fit.

In that episode, viewers also got to see her first consultation appointment for bariatric surgery. Winter Everett let the camera crew join her at the appointment she attended with her mother Karen, with Dr. Proctor, a bariatric weight loss surgeon. She was 313 pounds at the time which was very upsetting to her.

To her, it sucked that all she was doing was trying to stay as far as she could out of the 3’s on her weight scale but there she was. She had tried dieting, but it hadn’t worked.

This episode aired on October 26, 2020. So, it came as a shock to The Family Chantel fans when Winter revealed a weight loss of 50 pounds when in July 2020, she updated her fans about her weight loss journey with her photos of before and after weight loss.

She wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post that when she was 330 pounds at the heaviest she has ever been, she had never made her health a priority but in 2o20, she changed her focal point, and instead of focusing on what she wanted, she focused on who she was, and became successful in shedding 50 pounds.

The filming for the season had been done in December 2019. So, by October 2020, when the episode aired, Winter had already begun her weight loss journey and managed to lose 50 pounds.

Winter Everett further showed off her body transformation post weight loss in the third season on the eighth episode, ‘Truth Be Told’ which aired on November 29, 2021.

Since the reality star first lost 50 pounds in 2020, she had kept on the process of weight loss. Her face is more slim and refined now, and her arms, legs, and pretty much her entire body are toned, which now she flaunts off confidently in revealing clothes, which is a vastly different sight from how she used to cover up herself before.

Post the body transformation, Winter rebranded her image and become an influencer. She has picked up various brand sponsorships due to her fitness kick.

Winter Everett had begun to diet and hit the gym and work out, which seems to have worked for her. But because the viewers had watched her visit a bariatric surgeon, many fans of the reality show wonder if the dramatic weight loss is the result of bariatric surgery.

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