Did Wendy Williams Have a Nose Job?


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Wendy Williams appears to have altered her nose surgically. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Wendy Williams does appear to have slimmed down her nose with a nose job because her nose bridge has gotten much thinner than when she was young, making her nose appear smaller than before. But it could be just contour. While some think that she has had her nose cosmetically altered, others think that Wendy Williams, who’s been very open about her breast implants, liposuction, and tummy tuck, would have talked about her rhinoplasty if she had it.

Wendy Williams is as unfiltered as they come. And while, at times, it can be very infuriating because she often crosses the line and gets messy, there have been times when we can’t help but appreciate her brutal honesty in what is essentially a PR-driven world. I mean, she wouldn’t have reached where she is now if she was like any other media-trained celebrity. She gained notoriety and relevancy for her ‘candidness’ with celebrities on her show in the first place. She wasn’t much known when she was a radio DJ and host.

Anyway, one of the times people appreciated Wendy Williams’ honesty was when she revealed that she had plastic surgery. She could have chosen to not acknowledge or even deny the cosmetic procedures she got, which is what most of the celebrities do but she decided that she would be very forthcoming about the choices she made. That was very refreshing. But still, people are not satisfied and they are awaiting her confession about a rhinoplasty. One thing that people desperately want to know about her is why she has yet not admitted to getting her nose done (they talk about her weight loss as well). Let’s talk about that!

Wendy Williams Has Denied Having Her Nose Done!

Wendy Williams has denied having a nose job. But people remain convinced that she has had a rhinoplasty procedure to make her nose smaller as her nose bridge notably looks thinner than when she was young. They have essentially denied her denial of that cosmetic procedure in particular.

Wendy Williams has denied having her nose done. houseandwhips.comWendy Williams has denied having her nose done.
Image Source: People

The premiere of the Lifetime documentary ‘Where is Wendy Williams?’ which follows the time leading to her court-appointed financial guardianship has brought the talk show into the limelight after years. With the media and the public attention on her, speculations about her cosmetic works have started again. Well, there’s really not much to speculate because she has confessed to every procedure she has had except a rhinoplasty. This has just fueled the talks of her rumored rhinoplasty.

Wendy Williams is one of the very few celebrities who have been honest about their plastic surgery. In fact, she is way ahead of them in that she has not just been ‘admitted’ to cosmetic procedures when brought up but she has volunteered the details of the work she had had herself without anyone asking her about it. She doesn’t think of it as something to be ashamed of or hide. She speaks about it with an open mind which is mighty refreshing. However, she has never mentioned having her nose altered which grinds her fans’ gears.

People are just baffled as to why Wendy Williams would not admit to rhinoplasty when she has been very open about every procedures she has had such as tummy tuck, liposuction, breast implants, and Botox. They are convinced that she has altered her nose and it hasn’t occurred to them that she simply may not have had her nose done. I mean, she has not just not admitted to having gone under the knife to change her nose, she has straight-up denied it. Yet, they refuse to accept her denial.

Wendy Williams’ Rhinoplasty Denial Has Been Denied By Fans!

Wendy Williams once said that her nose is one part of the body that hasn't been touched. houseandwhips.comWendy Williams once said that her nose is one part of the body that hasn’t been touched.
Image Source: Rolling Stone

The television personality has never spoken of changing her nose, Wendy Williams has only ever mentioned and maintained over the years that her nose is one part of the body she hasn’t touched. She could not have made it more clear that she has not had her nose tweaked in any way. But people don’t buy that. They remain convinced that her nose is fake. It definitely looks different compared to when she was young. But can that particular difference in her nose be explained by surgical treatments only?

It’s not unusual in Hollywood for a celebrity to go under the knife to alter their nose. In fact, rhinoplasty is the most common cosmetic procedure now. Everyone has fallen for the trend of having a thin, narrow, and sharp nose. And given how Wendy Williams’ nose looks much thinner and smaller compared to before, I can see where suspicions that she has had her nose altered cosmetically come from.

Her nose bridge was notably thicker whereas it is narrower, sharper, and more defined now. But maybe it’s just contouring. Makeup can do magic and maybe it’s just the illusion of a smaller nose and not an actually smaller nose. Because if Wendy Williams had had a rhinoplasty, she would have revealed it. Or better yet, she would not have denied it.

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