Does Beyonce Have a BBL?


Beyonce is suspected by many of attaining the perfect butt by getting BBL.

Does Beyonce have a BBL? This question has sparked a heated debate among fans who are adamant that the superstar’s figure has changed because she gained weight after having her babies, and followers who insist that she has had plastic surgery to enhance her butt. Beyonce has never directly addressed the plastic surgery speculations but people believe that she denied having BBL when she rapped about having a real a*s in Megan Thee Stallion’s Savage remix.

Beyonce is one of the most iconic musical artists of all time. It’s not an overstatement to say that she’s on top of the world because her fame is quite literally on a stratospheric level. There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t know her name, and there are millions of people who think of her as a religion. It’s as if she put a spell on all those people with her talent, creativity, and grace. And also with her beauty.

Yeah, she’s not just the most talented musician, she also happens to be one of the most gorgeous women on the planet. It’s so unreal how she is blessed in terms of beauty as well as skill that it’s unbelievable to many. They have nothing on the superstar’s talent but they are convinced that she has bought her beauty. They believe that she has attained the perfect figure by getting breast implants, lipo, and BBL. While there seems to be a sort of general agreement among the people about breast implants and lipo, there’s still a debate regarding whether or not she has had cosmetic surgery on her butt. So, does Beyonce have a BBL? Let’s discuss!

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Beyonce’s BBL: What Makes People Think She Has Had Plastic Surgery to Enhance Her Butt?

There are very few people who believe that the unreal beauty and the perfect hourglass figure that Beyonce (@beyonce) possesses is something she is blessed with by nature. Almost everyone is inclined to believe that she attained that other-worldly beauty and shape with the aid of plastic surgery. On her face, she is suspected of having Botox and dermal fillers, and on her body, she is suspected of having breast implants, liposuction, and BBL.

Beyonce is suspected by many of undergoing a BBL procedure.
houseandwhips.comBeyonce is suspected by many of undergoing a BBL procedure.
Image Source: Twitter

Out of all the above speculations, nothing has polarized people more than the discussion about the superstar getting BBL. They all seem to be more or less convinced that she has had other plastic surgery procedures but whether or not she had surgically enhanced her buttocks is a whole other debate. Beyonce’s a*s literally looks unreal because of how perfect it is and there could be songs about it.

That has led many to think that it’s unnatural. But say that on social media and see how you get bombarded with stans trying to convince you that Queen Bey is all-natural, on the a*s at least. You might even get death threats. Those stans are crazy. But that has never stopped anyone from discussing Beyonce’s butt and how unattainable and unrealistic it looks, and how it can only be achieved with a BBL.

Anyway, the point is that many people believe that the superstar has gotten plastic surgery on her derriere and they have some reasons to believe that. Out of all the reasons, what they point out most frequently to argue that Beyonce has had a BBL is that while her behind has obviously gotten bigger and rounder than before, her legs have stayed the same size.

Because of the absence of an overall greater amount of muscle tone, her legs don’t look as refined as her derriere, and that has convinced people that Beyonce has had BBL. If she had jacked legs, they would believe that she really attained that perfect butt with the aid of world-class trainers and nutrition, and some low-grade pharmaceutical help. But that’s not the case and also, her hips are a dead giveaway.

It’s not just that, it’s also how her derriere looks. So flawless and perfectly round. Someone said that her butt cheeks looked like two bedpillows on a loveseat and another compared it to two perfect globes. Both of them could not have been more apt in their description. Besides the look of it, her hip dips are gone and the butt shelves on the sides are the clue that she has had BBL.

To them, it makes sense that Beyonce would have BBL in order to rearrange the weight she gained after her multiple pregnancies. Some of them pointed out that she might have done it not for a bigger butt but to create a new shape, a ‘slim thick’ shape. There were rumors that she got a butt lift after her stubborn pregnant pounds refused to shed off.

What Makes Stans Think Beyonce Has Not Had a BBL?

Beyonce seemingly denied having BBL by claiming she had real a*s via music. houseandwhips.comBeyonce seemingly denied having BBL by claiming she had real a*s via music.
Image Source: Billboard

That’s it for the things that have convinced people that Beyonce has had BBL. As for the argument against it, her stans counter that her hips have naturally changed and gotten bigger and rounder than before because a human body doesn’t stay the same forever and ages with time. According to them, her hips have widened after childbirth and with age and that’s why her butt looks that way. So, she did not need to have plastic surgery to get that butt, she only needed to have children.

Also, they say that nobody can truly tell if Beyonce has had BBL or not because nobody (people discussing her appearance) has seen her in real life. They just see her in pictures and music videos and since the pictures of celebrities are often airbrushed and edited to make their faces and bodies look perfect, there’s no way to tell if they had had plastic surgery.

As for what Beyonce has said about it, she has never addressed any of the plastic surgery speculations directly but many people believed that she indirectly made a reference to the BBL rumors going on in social media in 2020 and denied it when she rapped about having a real a*s verse on Megan Thee Stallion‘s Savage.

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