Frankie Bridge Plastic Surgery: What’s Up With Her Flawless Skin?


Frankie Bridge is believed to have had plastic surgery.

Frankie Bridge’s fans cannot believe that she could look so beautiful naturally without the aid of plastic surgery. She’s got so flawless skin that it can’t have been just the best skincare regime. She is rumored to have had Botox and lip fillers. She swears that she just does facials. She also supposedly had a boob job. Frankie Bridge once said that she hasn’t ruled out plastic surgery but she has never really admitted to it either.

Do you know Frankie Bridge as a member of the girl group The Saturdays or do you recognize her from when she did S Club Search and as one of the members of the S Club Juniors? Her music career went very well for her and she has fared well in television as well. She has garnered a lot of followers in her career, who are always astonished to look at her because she’s so stunning. Come to the point, they often wonder if she has had work done, so let’s talk about Frankie Bridge’s plastic surgery!

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Frankie Bridge’s Plastic Surgery: She is Rumored to Have Had Botox!

Frankie Bridge (@frankiebridge) is highly suspected of having plastic surgery to enhance her looks. They think she has had Botox because her fans just cannot believe that anyone can have such flawless skin like hers all naturally, not even with the best skincare regimen. Lip fillers because her lips were noticeably thin before. She is also believed to have had a boob job.

Frankie Bridge's fans believe she has had plastic surgery to enhance her looks. houseandwhips.comFrankie Bridge’s fans believe she has had plastic surgery to enhance her looks.
Image Source: Marie Claire UK

Remember when Frankie went on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! in 2021? She may not have won the competition (she finished third) but in terms of popularity, she sure left everyone behind. She was the biggest hit on ITV’s hit show. She did not just impress the audiences with her survival skills but she also dazzled them with her looks. Like the viewers of the show were unable to believe that anyone could look so pretty and they began discussing what plastic surgery she might have had for their friend.

Frankie Bridge looked so pretty, she was literally glowing, and that too without makeup. She looked unreal. She looked like a million bucks while living in Gwrych Castle. And viewers could not bring themselves to believe that she could look that stunning naturally (not even the best and most expensive skincare regimen can do that, they seemed to believe) and that’s why they started making plastic surgery speculations.

They suspected that she had Botox and lip fillers but she has never admitted to having those procedures. While she has not expressly denied having Botox to smoothen her skin, when she was asked about her perfect glowy skin, she credited that to her use of a jade roller. Did she really not have plastic surgery? Did the jade roller give Frankie Bridge that unreal glow? She said that it really made a difference.

I’ve got my jade face roller – you use it to massage the face, I often use it around my eyes. I did really notice a difference in my face. The main thing I learnt is to put it in the freezer in a sandwich bag to keep it clean and then when you’ve got a spot, often at night, I will just sit while I was watching Netflix or something and go over and over where that spot was. It would make the spot go down and the redness go down. For me that was a bit of a lifesaver before any job that I had, any shoots that I had. I got really into it because you can just sit and do it while you’re watching TV. 

Frankie Bridge also said that she uses an eye cream to make her look “more awake” which also gives her an “instant lift.” She also revealed that she enjoys facial massages and a Mesotherapy treatment, which is a skincare treatment that tightens the skin and reduces wrinkles and fats by injecting a combination of antioxidants and vitamins into one’s face.

Did Frankie Bridge Also Get Plastic Surgery to Plump Her Lips and to Enhance Her Boobs?

Frankie Bridge is also suspected of having a boob job.  houseandwhips.comFrankie Bridge is also suspected of having a boob job. 
Image Source: Hello! Magazine

All the facials and the jade roller must be why Bridge looks so flawless and why she looks so lively and stunning. It’s possible after all that she did not get any plastic surgery, at least not as far as her skin is concerned. But to plump her lips, she sure did. She has not admitted to lip fillers but she has noticeably much fuller lips than she did before.

As per a lip specialist and cosmetic nurse Sarah Sheedy, Frankie Bridge has most likely opted to get a non-surgical lip filler treatment. Sheedy said that the top lip of the singer seemed fuller and she may have had fillers on it. She also hasn’t ruled out the fillers on her bottom lip and her cheeks because they seem a bit enhanced too. But if she has had it, it’s subtle, Sheedy said. It’s not exactly plastic surgery if it’s non-surgical but hey, she seems to have had work done on her mouth.

Besides Botox and fillers, Frankie Bridge was once subjected to the rumors that she had a boob job as well. In 2016, her followers noticed that she had bigger boobs than before. It looked as though she got plastic surgery to enhance her breasts because she looked fuller like never before in the chest department. The increase in the size of her boobs was not that drastic (her cleavage was boosted by only a few cup sizes) but it was very noticeable because she used to have such tiny boobs before and in 2016, her boobs were tiny no longer.

She, however, did not admit to having a boob job at all. Even though she once said that she would never rule out cosmetic surgery to mean that she had no problems with it, she never bothered to respond to the speculations. Not that she is obliged to, but just saying. Anyway, Frankie Bridge has not confirmed having plastic surgery.