Did Iliza Shlesinger Ever Confirm a Nose Job?


Iliza Shlesinger has never confirmed having a nose job. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Iliza Shlesinger is widely believed to have undergone a nose job. The comedian’s nose is perfect. It’s narrow and refined with an upturned tip. Fans have a hard time believing that such a perfect nose is natural and suspect her of having a nose job. Iliza Shlesinger has not ever confirmed having any plastic surgery.

Iliza Shlesinger is a prominent stand-up comedian who rose to popularity and began to make her way to mainstream comedy in 2008 when she was crowned the winner of NBC’s Last Comic Standing. It added to her exposure when she hosted the syndicated dating show Excused from 2011 to 2013. She also went on to host the TBS game show Separation Anxiety. Amidst the hosting and acting, she released several comedy albums on Netflix which successfully established her as one of the big-name comedians. So far, she has released six.

She also got her own late-night talk show named Truth & Iliza on Freeform in 2017 and she did her own sketch comedy show The Iliza Shlesinger Sketch Show that premiered on Netflix in April 2020. She has made appearances in several comedy shows such as John Oliver‘s New York Stand Up Show, Byron Allen‘s Comics Unleashed, and History Channel’s History of a Joke. She has talked about almost everything in her comedy stand-ups but she has not ever mentioned having a nose job or any other plastic surgery procedures. So, we will be talking about that today!

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Iliza Shlesinger’s Nose Job: Why Do People Think She Has Had Plastic Surgery on Her Nose?

Iliza Shlesinger (@ilizas) is suspected of having a nose job along with many other plastic surgery procedures such as Botox and a facelift.

Iliza Shlesinger might have had a nose job, her fans think. houseandwhips.comIliza Shlesinger might have had a nose job, her fans think.
Image Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Iliza is a very popular stand-up comedian but she is not just known for her sense of humor and comic skills. She is also noted for her beauty. You can love her comedy or hate it but you can’t deny that she is very stunning. She is a very conventionally attractive woman. That and the fact that she is a public figure who’s in showbiz means that she had plastic surgery speculations coming her way. Her followers often discuss if she’s all-natural or not. They especially suspect that she has had a nose job among other things.

Why a rhinoplasty procedure, in particular, you ask? Well, haven’t you observed Iliza Shlesinger’s nose? If you have, you know why rhinoplasty in particular. If you haven’t, let me tell you that the comedian has one of the most beautiful noses in the world. I wish I could say that I am being overly generous with that statement but I am really not. The center of her beautiful face is the nose that is the epitome of perfection. It’s unreal. Why then would people not suspect that she has had a nose job?

Iliza Shlesinger’s nose is everything the harsh beauty standards that society and the current trends dictate and more. In fact, she surpasses the standard with her perfection of nose, and not a lot of people have been known to do that. So, is it her own doing or has she been blessed by nature in that regard? Is her nose natural or surgeon-made? It wouldn’t be a surprise if she had a nose job but did she really have the plastic surgery?

Has Iliza Shlesinger Revealed a Nose Job or Any Other Plastic Surgery Procedures?

Iliza Shlesinger has not mentioned having a nose job or other plastic surgery. houseandwhips.comIliza Shlesinger has not mentioned having a nose job or other plastic surgery.
Image Source: Vanity Fair

Is her nose really that narrow and refined naturally? Is it really that streamlined? The upturned tip that she has? Was it gifted by nature or did she buy it for herself? I can understand why people think that she might have gotten plastic surgery to refine her nose. It’s too perfect and conventional. But ever since she rose to popularity, she has always looked the same. There has been no noticeable difference in her face or her nose. So, maybe Iliza Shlesinger has not had a nose job.

She is not just suspected of having a rhinoplasty. She is also believed to have had Botox and a facelift, Botox because her skin’s very smooth and she barely has any wrinkles and lines, and she is 40 (the lines are supposed to develop by this age), and a facelift because her face looks more youthful than when she was young. However, she has never confirmed or denied having these plastic surgery procedures. Iliza Shlesinger has also never mentioned having a nose job.

So far, the speculations are just that: speculations! Iliza has never bothered to respond to the online discourse about her cosmetic surgery and put her fans at peace with the truth. Not that it’s any of her fans’ business but still, people always get curious about public figures. Iliza Shlesinger has not revealed having a nose job and it might be because she has not had it. If she had it, I think she would talk about it in her stand-up. She sometimes seems to be the kind who’s so above it all (because of her attitude) that she wouldn’t really hide it if she were to undergo any plastic surgery procedure.