Jamie Lynn Spears Plastic Surgery: What Happened To Her Face?


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Jamie Lynn Spears is suspected of having plastic surgery such as nose job and liposuction. houseandwhips.com

What happened to Jamie Lynn Spears’ face? And her body? Has she had plastic surgery? Did she get a nose job? Why does she look so different from when she was young? Is it just normal aging or has she had cosmetic procedures? She does not appear to be the same person in her before and after pictures because the shape of her face has changed so drastically. Jamie Lynn Spears has, however, never admitted to having plastic surgery.

Jamie Lynn Spears rose to prominence in 2005 when she played the role of Zoey Brooks on the Nickelodeon teen sitcom Zoey 101. The younger sister of Britney Spears went on to be one of the most recognizable teens in Hollywood with great career prospects only to have those cut off when she got pregnant at 16. Her pregnancy was so controversial and scandalous that she took a break from acting after that.

She returned from her hiatus in 2013 and she has been doing fairly well in music as well as acting since then. Though her career is not much talked about, what often is discussed when it comes to her is plastic surgery because she didn’t just return but she returned with a whole new face and apparently, too slim body. Let’s talk about Jamie Lynn Spears’ plastic surgery!

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Jamie Lynn Spears’ Plastic Surgery: What Happened to Her Face? Check Out Her Before and After Pictures!

Jamie Lynn Spears is suspected of having plastic surgery on her face and body both. houseandwhips.comJamie Lynn Spears is suspected of having plastic surgery on her face and body both.
Image Source: Entertainment Tonight

Jamie Lynn Spears (@jamielynnspears) is alleged to have undergone plastic surgery on her face as well as her body. She supposedly had a nose job and jaw sculpting to refine her face. There were also rumors that she got liposuction.

Jamie Lynn Spears got her start at a young age (she was only 13 when she did Zoey 101) and grew up in the public eye till she got pregnant at 16. After pregnancy, she disappeared from the public scene for about five years before she made a comeback with her music. Upon her return, people noticed that she had changed dramatically and looked nothing like when she was young. That’s when the plastic surgery speculations started.

While people were very aware of the fact that the former Nickelodeon star had aged and was 23 when she returned and was no longer the 13-year-old girl they first came to know, they didn’t believe that the difference in her face was due to natural aging because, as they said, the shape and structure of your face do not change with age. If it does, it has to be something more than just aging. And I will give you a hint of what it is – plastic surgery.

Having been in the public eye since she was a teenager, people knew how Jamie Lynn Spears looked when she was a young 13-year-old. So, they recognized that she didn’t look like the adult version of herself when she grew up and that her face looked like that of a completely different person. It’s like the bone structure of her face changed or something because she went on to have much sharper features than she had before. That’s plastic surgery right there!

Jamie Lynn Spears' face looks completely different from when she was young. houseandwhips.comJamie Lynn Spears’ face looks completely different from when she was young.
Image Source: People

The most prominent change on her face seems to have been on her nose and jaw. Her nose and jaw both looked much slimmer and more refined which made her look completely unrecognizable. That’s why people began to suspect that she had a nose job and jaw sculpting.

Did Jamie Lynn Spears Get Plastic Surgery? Did She Get a Nose Job?

Jamie Lynn Spears used to have a big nose that appeared wide along the bridge and on the base as well. But, now, she has a completely different nose, much sharper, narrower, and more refined than before. Because people know that no matter how much you age, your nose doesn’t get smaller and plastic surgery is the only way for that, they suspected that she had a nose job to make it thinner.

Jamie Lynn Spears allegedly had a nose job, jaw sculpting, and liposuction. houseandwhips.comJamie Lynn Spears allegedly had a nose job, jaw sculpting, and liposuction.
Image Source: Yahoo

Besides that, the Sweet Magnolias star also seems to have a much more pronounced bone structure. When she was young, she had very soft features. That seems to have changed as she got older because she now has a very sharp and defined jawline. Her face looked very hard in a deliberate way as if she had plastic surgery. Her fans think she has had non-surgical jaw sculpting to refine the shape of her face.

Jamie Lynn Spears was also rumored to have undergone liposuction during her pregnancy. She reportedly begged her mother for permission to get lipo when she noticed that she was getting fat (she was apparently unaware that she was pregnant to note that weight gain happened due to a reason). She allegedly ended up getting lipo after she gave birth as she was permitted by her mother. This plastic surgery claim has remained unsubstantiated and frankly, it’s too far-fetched.

Besides, Jamie Lynn Spears has not admitted to having plastic surgery and until she does, those are some heavy claims to make.