Kathie Lee Gifford’s Plastic Surgery: Has The Television Presenter Had Cosmetic Surgery? Look at the Before and After Pictures!


Kathie Lee Gifford's Plastic Surgery: Has The Television Presenter Had Cosmetic Surgery? Look at the Before and After Pictures!

Kathie Lee Gifford is believed to have had multiple plastic surgery procedures including Botox, facelift, neck lift, cheek fillers, and skin resurfacing. The talk show host has never confirmed any of those procedures. However, Kathie Lee Gifford believes in respecting and not judging the decisions people make about having cosmetic surgery, which means that she is not opposed to it. This makes fans more confused about the lack of confirmation and they wonder more about Kathy Lee Gifford’s plastic surgery.

Kathie Lee Gifford is a French-born American television presenter, singer, songwriter, occasional actress, and author. You might remember her from the talk show she cohosted with Regis Philbin for 15 years from 1985 to 2000 called Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee. Or maybe not.

If not, you definitely know Kathie Lee Gifford from another talk show she hosted for 11 years from 2008 to 2019 with Hoda Kotb, on the fourth hour of NBC’s Today show. During her career as a television presenter, she has received 11 Daytime Emmy nominations. She won her first Daytime Emmy in 2010 as part of the Today team.

The television presenter rightfully deserved it because she is a very wonderful host who is very open-minded and cool about the things society is not normally, like plastic surgery. She is of the opinion that the decision to go under the knife should not be judged. She has been supportive of anyone who chooses to get work done. So, fans wonder why she doesn’t admit the work she has done. They think she has gotten work done. Let’s find out more about Kathy Lee Gifford’s plastic surgery and why she has not admitted to it!

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Kathie Lee Gifford’s Plastic Surgery: The Talk Show Host Is Supportive of The Decision to Get Cosmetic Surgery!

Kathie Lee Gifford (@kathielgifford)is believed to have undergone multiple plastic surgery procedures including Botox, facelift, neck lift, cheek fillers, and skin resurfacing.

While Kathie Lee Gifford has not spoken much about how she maintains her looks or gets her looks, there has been no shortage of speculations from the public’s side. And not that there were never going to be such gossip and rumors about her looks, but you can especially tell why she has been targeted with the speculations about plastic surgery. She does not look exactly natural. She might have no wrinkles and lines on her face but all that does not necessarily make her look young and fresh.

It should not be expected of anyone her age to look young and fresh but it is generally thought and agreed upon that when people don’t show their age as they get older, it’s because they had plastic surgery in an attempt to look young, fresh, and rejuvenated as ever.

And about Kathie Lee Gifford’s plastic surgery, as one of the prominent New York surgeons said way back in 2000,

Have you seen Kathie Lee Gifford recently? Good Lord! She should sue!

It’s been twenty-two years since then. Do the surgeons still think not highly of the plastic surgery they believe she’s had? Or has the situation changed and they think she has finally learned to get the right amount of work done or choose the right surgeon?

According to RadarOnline, Dr. Zara Harutyunyan of L.A.’s Cosmetic Rejuvenation said that Kathie Lee Gifford looks like she had a complete surgical make-over. According to him, that talk show host appears as though she has undergone a facelift, neck lift, skin resurfacing, and Botox. Her face and neck both look very tight and have that lifted look which, for someone her age, is only possible because of plastic surgery.

Plus, Kathie Lee Gifford’s cheeks have not lost fat and instead of that, appear fuller than when she was young, which Dr. Harutyunyan believes to be the job of fat transfer or fillers. In addition, her skin is very smooth and even, like does she even have a skin texture? It’s not normal for people her age, but it’s not normal for people of any age group. And it is thought that it is most likely due to skin resurfacing treatments such as Endy-Med Intensif or CO2 lasers.

Dr. Adam Schaffner has also expressed his similar thoughts about Kathie Lee Gifford’s plastic surgery. Agreeing with his West Coast counterpart, he said that the differences in her appearance may be due to the use of Botox or Dysport, fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm, or fat transfer! He also added that she may have had some skin rejuvenation procedures such as micro-needling with platelet-rich plasma (PRP), laser resurfacing, and/or lifting procedures such as using dissolvable threads. He thinks that it is possible that traditional aesthetic plastic surgery might have been performed to help rejuvenate her appearance.

It should be noted that both the plastic surgery experts were merely giving their opinions on what they think Kathie Lee Gifford might have had, and have not operated on her.

Now, these are what the plastic surgery experts say she might have had. And as for the subject of speculations, Kathy Lee Gifford herself has never admitted that she has had work done and so until she does it, there is no confirmation.

However,  she has never denied it either and has displayed an open-minded attitude about the whole thing. She has never said anything like she would never have plastic surgery but has kind of supported it and said that a person should get to decide for themself if they will undergo cosmetic procedures such as Botox.

You also have to respect somebody’s decision to do it too. I thought we were all past that. Quit judging everybody. If somebody wants to do it — let ’em go. Just like that Frozen song.

And remember the time Kathie Lee Gifford got a cosmetic procedure on live television? She does not seem like the type to hide it if she had plastic surgery. Maybe she just didn’t think a big deal of the speculations to respond. She seems too cool to bother with that!

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