Kendall Vertes Plastic Surgery: Has She Had Lip Fillers?


Kendall Vertes appears to have had plastic surgery including a nose job and lip fillers.

Kendall Vertes is widely believed to have undergone plastic surgery because she has that generic Instagram look, slim nose, huge lips, and high cheekbones. Fans think she has had a nose job and lip fillers at the least but others think that she just photoshops and face-tunes herself to oblivion. The latter doesn’t believe that Kendall Vertes has had plastic surgery. She has never responded to cosmetic surgery speculations. 

Kendall Vertes first came to prominence when she made her debut on Dance Moms in its second season. She was chosen during the audition on probation to replace Vivi-Anne but she quickly went on to be one of the lead dancers in the reality show. She remained on the show as a member of the Abby Lee Dance Company for a while. Later on, she along with some other elite dancers, left the ALDC and formed The Irreplaceables team, and toured with the group.

After the show, Kendall Vertes pivoted to singing and acting as well. She has made appearances in Santa in Training, Rapunzel: A Princess Frozen in Time, and a live-action remake of Anastasia. She’s also released several singles and also an EP. She has also been featured in songs like Freaks Like Me, Summer Love Song, Boomerang, and It’s a Girl Party. When she is not singing or acting, she is always influencing. She’s a content creator now, and the kind of content she posts on Instagram (her photos) always sparks plastic surgery speculations. So, let’s talk about that!

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Kendall Vertes’ Plastic Surgery: Has She Had a Nose Job and Lip Fillers?

Kendall Vertes (@kendallvertes) is highly suspected by people of having plastic surgery to modify her body and face to fit the current beauty trends because she has that generic influencer look now and does not look like herself. She is believed to have had a nose job and lip fillers at the least.

Kendall Vertes appears to have undergone excessive plastic surgery. houseandwhips.comKendall Vertes appears to have undergone excessive plastic surgery.
Image Source: Distractify

Do you follow Kendall on Instagram? If you do (if you are reading this, you probably do), you know how she looks and you know how it’s nothing like how anyone would have imagined she would age, right? Oh, she has lost herself in terms of her appearance, hasn’t she? Looking at her pictures, it looks like she has ditched the uniqueness that made her look like her own person for the generic and standardized format of beauty. She seems to have had plastic surgery to fit in.

No way does Kendall Vertes look real. She definitely does not look like herself and now, you would never be able to tell her apart from millions of other influencers because they all look the same now. All of them with the glittering high cheekbones, slim narrow noses, huge lips, and sculpted jawlines. They all look perfect as that’s the standard but that’s not their natural look, it’s just a look they attained with excessive plastic surgery so, they look very manufactured and so, not very flattering at all.

It’s sad that the Dance Moms alum felt that she had to change herself because she was very pretty the way she looked. There’s nothing about her that her fans would change and yet, she didn’t feel the same way. Her nose was perfect before and so were her lips. Yet, she went ahead and got a nose job to narrow down her nose when it already was slim and had lip fillers to inject her lips when her lips were already full. Also, what’s up with her perfectly high cheekbones and prominent bone structure? Sure, they are desirable traits but like I said, she was already a stunner before. She didn’t have to get plastic surgery and it’s unfortunate that she fell for the ridiculous standards.

Has Kendall Vertes Had Plastic Surgery or Is It Photoshop?

Kendall Vertes' followers think she looks different because of photoshop. houseandwhips.comKendall Vertes’ followers think she looks different because of photoshop.
Image Source: Distractify

Or did Kendall really fall for the beauty standards? Going by her Instagram pics, she definitely did but what I meant was, did she really get cosmetic procedures to modify her features because it very well could have been photoshop as well. Don’t just look at her pictures, also look at her videos where she’s not still and you will see that she does look like herself, save for her lips. So, it might not have been plastic surgery after all, just the photoshop and face-tuning.

Kendall Vertes most likely edits herself only in the digital world. It does not look like she has edited herself in real life because even though she looks unreal and unbelievably perfect and plastic in her photos, she looks very human in the videos she posts. Fans are never not shocked by how obvious she is. Like if she wants to portray herself a certain way, why doesn’t she just post photos? Why does she post videos that give her away? That’s sadder than plastic surgery.

Also, for someone who does excessive photoshop and face-tuning, you would think that she has mastered the art of editing but no. She’s very bad at editing and with filters that people can always she’s been photoshopped. So, she may not have had plastic surgery except for lip fillers but it doesn’t look like she’s secure in how she looks and her idea of beauty has definitely been warped by the current beauty standards.

Note that Kendall Vertes has never responded to the accusations of plastic surgery or photoshop.