Kendrick Perkins’ Wife and Son: Meet Vanity Perkins and Their Three Sons!


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Kendrick Perkins' Wife and Son: Meet Vanity Perkins and Their Three Sons!

Kendrick Perkins is married to his wife Vanity Alpough Perkins and has three sons and a daughter with her. His wife has been incredibly supportive of him throughout his career and she has been the same way about his second son Kenxton’s interest in basketball. Kendrick Perkins often shows off his second son’s skills in basketball by posting footage of him playing the game. 

Kendrick Perkins is an American sports analyst for ESPN who is also a former professional basketball player. After entering the NBA directly out of high school, he played for the Boston Celtics, Oklahoma City Thunder, Cleveland Cavaliers, and New Orleans Pelicans before he retired in 2019.

The former NBA star has a very nice and loving family. Here are all the details about his wife Vanity Perkins and his sons and daughter.

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Kendrick Perkins’ Wife: Everything to Know About Vanity Perkins!

Vanity Perkins (_queenvanity) is the wife of Kendrick Perkins (@kendrickperkins). She’s the one who has provided a semblance of stability in his life with a career that required him to move very frequently. She was born on July 7, 1985, in Port Arthur, Texas to Thomas Alpough and Julie Alpough. She graduated from Memorial High School in 2003 and later graduated from Middlesex Community College in Bedford.

It was when she was in high school that she met Kendrick Perkins. Though he went to a different school, they happened to come across each other and fell in love so, they call themselves high school sweethearts. The couple contest between them about when they became high school sweethearts. Vanity said that it was from 11th grade whereas Kendrick said that it was from 10th.

Vanity became Kendrick Perkins’ wife in 2009. They tied the knot on 25th July 2009, in front of 200 people in a wedding ceremony that was held in Carlton Woods Country Club in Woodlands, Texas, just 18 days before her birthday.

Vanity was then Kendrick Perkins’ wife but she had already become a mother to his child at that point. She had given birth to a son Kendrick Jr. two years before the wedding on 10 September 2007. Four years after having the first baby and two years after the wedding, they welcomed another son Kenxton on 10 October 2011. Four years after that, their family of four extended to six when Vanity gave birth to twins Zoey and Karter on 20 October 2015.

While Vanity was a good wife to Kendrick Perkins and a great mother to their kids, she never became independent in her own right during the entirety of her husband’s NBA career because they were always moving. She missed out on so many things she wanted to do regarding her career like establishing a business because of that.

Vanity Perkins revealed in an interview that she was scared to do anything because Kendrick Perkins’ job required him to constantly move and it was counter-productive to be running a business from where she lived. It was not easy being a wife to an NBA player. She spoke of the time when she started something in Oklahoma but had to drop it when he was traded. She also told that her credits were not transferred from Boston College after he got traded again.

Kendrick Perkins is no longer an NBA player now. He has been retired since 2019 which has made it easier for his wife to do something permanent for her career. Vanity Perkins has successfully made use of digital space to run separate businesses. She is now the owner of the online store “” which sells ladies’ hair and accessories ranging from virgin human hair bundles to lace closure and lace frontal.

Kendrick Perkins’ wife has also launched a new meet app called WinknDrink to provide an avenue for people to socialize through dates and get-togethers alongside food and drinks.

Kendrick Perkins’ Son: The NBA Player Has Three; Kenxton is the Only One Following in His Father’s Steps!

Kendrick Perkins has three sons and a daughter with his wife Vanity Perkins – Kendrick Jr., Kenxton, and Karter. They were born on 10 September 2007, 10 October 2011, and 20 October 2015 respectively. Among the three, only his second son Kenxton seems to have inherited his father’s love for basketball and the skills required for it.

The former NBA star’s wife said that her second son Kenxton was born to be a baller and she would give him all her support and encouragement he needs by attending all of his practices and games. She spoke about his interest in basketball in an interview,

I feel so proud of him because he was literally born to be a ball player. He lives it, so I’m embracing it and supporting him. 

Vanity Perkins also said that her oldest son Kendrick Jr. had seemed like he didn’t want to get into it but he had lately gravitated toward basketball and gotten into the game.

Kendrick Perkins once shared a highlight reel of his son Kenxton bullying the opposition, attacking the basket without fear, and taking the ball whenever he decides that he wants it. He proudly said,

I’m raising my Killa different! I call him baby Jokic! The Complete package. Yes he’s only 10. Carry on…

That wasn’t the first time he had proudly shown off his son. He had previously shared footage of his son on social media before and said that they called Kenxton Perkins “Stone”!!!

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