Luis Miguel’s Plastic Surgery: How Does He Look Now? 2023 Update!


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Luis Miguel’s Plastic Surgery: How Does He Look Now? 2023 Update!

As of 2023, Luis Miguel has not admitted to going through any plastic surgery. However, people claim that he has made some changes to his appearance as he looks different now.

Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri, better known as Luis Miguel, is a Puerto Rican-born Mexican singer and record producer. She started his music career at the age of 11 with the release of his first album, Un Sol, by the Mexican branch of EMI Records. His first release was a super hit, which led him to gain a lot of attention. He has recently gained attention after he announced his 2021 tour with San Antonio.

Luis will be continuing his world tour with a stop in San Antonio next spring. In 2023, he was able to sell out more than 65 shows, and people are hoping he will make his 2024 tour more successful than this year. He is said to do his show in 50 cities across the United States, Central and South America, Canada, and Europe.

On the other hand, many people have recently been accusing him of receiving plastic surgery as he looks unnatural. Well, let’s get started.

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Luis Miguel Has Not Admitted to Receiving Any Plastic Surgery!

Many people are curious to know if Luis Miguel‘s (@luismiguel) plastic surgery rumors are true or not. He is accused of doing multiple surgeries to achieve his current looks, but none of these have been confirmed yet. Many say that all the strict diets his girlfriend has made him follow have helped him a lot to look youthful.

Luis has tons of followers, and he has always been known for his songs and charming personality. Although he has gained so much popularity and people demand to know everything about his activities, he has always been a very secretive person and rarely takes photos with his fans. However, some of his fans have recently shared his picture and posted it on Twitter.

People have been commenting on his appearance after his recent picture started confusing people on the internet. The internet seems to be very suspicious of his wrinkleless face. The picture led people to suspect that he had undergone many plastic surgery to achieve his current appearance.

Luis Miguel has been accused of receiving multiple plastic surgery procedures. houseandwhips.comLuis Miguel has been accused of receiving multiple plastic surgery procedures.
Image Source: HOUSE & WHIPS

Every person faces aging problems, and people have tried many things to hide them. When Luis was seen in tight skin with a youthful face, many people wondered what he was up to. Some people have commented that his girlfriend might have been helping him, while others say that he has done much plastic surgery like Botox, and jaw repositioning.

Then and Now Picture of Luis Miguel Examined!

Do you know any miracle cases, if you don’t know any, we will be pointing them out. Time changes everything—face, body, and health. In the case of Luis Miguel, it’s hard to say if he has had any changes in his life. There is a very thin line comparing his recent look with his 20s look.

Luis Miguel has yet to respond to the plastic surgery rumors. houseandwhips.comLuis Miguel has yet to respond to the plastic surgery rumors.
Image Source: Instagram

If we compare Luis’s then and now pictures, we used to see a thin wrinkle line on his forehead, but in 2023, the line is completely gone, which might be the result of Botox. Botox is a plastic surgery that uses a toxin to prevent a muscle from moving for a limited time and is used to smooth wrinkles on the face.

Besides Botox, Miguel is also accused of doing jaw repositioning. If we see his now-and-then picture, we can say there have been some changes to his jaw and neck area. Although he has not confirmed having any plastic surgery till now, we think he has done something to his neck and jaw, as they look very slim and perfect, which seems a little artificial.

Luis Miguel’s Girlfriend Is Reportedly Helping Him to Look Better!

Luis Miguel‘s having any plastic surgery is not confirmed yet, but one of the reasons he looks so fit today is because of his girlfriend’s help. Luis is currently dating a Mexican-based nutritionist, Mercedes Villador. According to some people online, Mercedes made a very strict routine for Luis.

Luis and Merced started dating each other in 2021. There is very little information about Mercedes known to the public, but the couple has been spotted many times in public. Many people claim that the couple is helping each other and is very happy.