Melanie Martinez’s Fans Think About Her Weight Gain a Lot!

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Melanie Martinez has had a bit of weight gain and isn't as skinny as before. – Melanie Martinez’s weight gain is probably the most discussed thing about her. Every time the singer’s in the news, people start talking about how she’s gone from fit to fat even though she’s not really fat, she’s just curvier and thicker than before. Melanie Martinez has never acknowledged speculations about her weight gain but some of her fans think it’s due to birth control.

Melanie Martinez got her start in the music industry when she competed on Season 3 of the American television talent show The Voice in 2012. After the show, she signed with Atlantic Records and put out her debut single Dollhouse, which was followed by her debut EP of the same name. It was since then that everyone knew that she was truly an unconventional artist, very creative and imaginary.

No wonder Melanie Martinez’s first studio album Cry Baby went on to be certified double-platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Her music was all the rage about her in those days but the same cannot be said for her subsequent two albums, K-12 and Portals because her weight gain has taken up a lot of space when it comes to conversation about her. She has changed a bit in terms of her physique and people are unhealthily preoccupied with that.

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Melanie Martinez’s Weight Gain: Has She Really Gone From Fit to Fat?

Melanie Martinez (@littlebodybigheart) has obviously undergone weight gain. You can see that she is no longer as skinny as she was before. But she is nowhere fat as some people say.

Melanie Martinez's weight gain has gotten lots of people talking. houseandwhips.comMelanie Martinez’s weight gain has gotten lots of people talking.
Image Source: Variety

It’s just not Melanie’s music and art that has evolved, her body has evolved too. She used to be quite skinny, very slender, but she is no longer the same. Her body has developed more curves and she is very thick now. It’s not that big of a deal that she put on a bit of weight but people seem to have made a mountain out of a molehill of her weight gain.

You will see that there are going to be thousands of posts about Melanie Martinez going from fit to fat on all social media platforms every time she’s in the news. If you are in touch with the real world and don’t live in a bubble of pop culture, you will find it annoying that the Doll House crooner is deemed fat when she really isn’t. She is just an average-sized woman who isn’t impossibly skinny like the beauty standards dictate and like she was before. Her weight gain, in no way, has made her obese like many people love to claim.

She just looks as radiant and gorgeous as before, the only difference is that she looks more curvy and voluptuous. She is not obese at all. She’s just thick. And it seems like that’s all there is to this. Melanie Martinez was extremely slender, she put on some weight in her mid-20s, and now, she’s thick. There need not be any think pieces about her physical transformation. But maybe talking about weight gain results in the release of an addictive amount of dopamine which is why everyone goes on about it.

What Do Fans Say About Melanie Martinez’s Weight Gain?

Melanie Martinez seems healthy and happy with her weight gain. houseandwhips.comMelanie Martinez seems healthy and happy with her weight gain.
Image Source: Hollywood Life

It’s very sad to see how people are body-shaming the Pity Party hitmaker for just gaining a little bit of weight and not looking as thin as before. The most jarring thing about the whole thing is that she’s not even fat (not that fat people deserve to get body-shamed, I was just pointing out how harsh it is even for an average-sized woman), she’s just thicker. Melanie Martinez looks healthy and happy with her weight gain. Even then, people who have no business with her are bothered by it.

She also has some supportive fans who try to defend her from all the incessant and cruel fat-shaming. One of them pointed out on Reddit that she hasn’t really put on extra weight and what she’s going through is just a side effect of birth control.

By the looks of it it seems like she hasn’t actually “gained weight” if it seems to be a side effect of birth control based on familiar cases. I have seen women being of similar stature then suddenly becoming thicker and more curvy. Also when you gain weight, it usually goes straight to you stomach and hips but seeing how her breast, overall body proportions are bigger it looks hormonal to me and since she isn’t pregnant, I can only guess it to be birth control.

Melanie Martinez’s body might have just evolved in her mid-20s, she might have just hit second puberty, is another train of thought that her fans have about her weight gain as it’s not very rare for a woman’s body to change in her mid-20s. As one Redditor put it,

The only thing she [Melanie] gained is her Latina curves my mom who is Mexican was very skinny all her life until her late 20’s she’s Dominican gaining curves at her age is normal not only that but if she’s taking hormonal birth control that could also cause weight gain she’s not bigger you guys she’s just thicker.

Whatever the reason behind the change in her weight, people should not make Melanie Martinez all about her weight gain. She is an artist first and everything else about her, especially her appearance, should not carry much weight. Especially since she seems to be fine with her weight.