Michaela Coel’s Plastic Surgery: Fans Love The I May Destroy You Star’s Nose Job and Cheeks and Chin Reshaping; Look at the Before and After Pictures!


Michaela Coel's Plastic Surgery: Fans Love The I May Destroy You Star's Nose Job and Cheeks and Chin Reshaping; Look at the Before and After Pictures!

Michaela Coel is believed to have had plastic surgery including a nose job, cheek fillers or implants, and chin reshaping. While the Chewing Gum star hasn’t publicly confirmed those procedures, fans think the work she’s done is obvious but subtle. And they love Michaela Coel’s cosmetic surgery and think she is plastic surgery goal.

Michaela Coel is a British actress, screenwriter, director, producer, and singer who rose to prominence when she starred in the E4 sitcom Chewing Gum. She not just acted in it but created as well and for her acting performance in the sitcom, which she won the BAFTA Award for Best Female Comedy Performance.

Her popularity grew when she did the BBC One/HBO comedy-drama series I May Destroy You. She won the British Academy Television Award for Best Actress in 2021 for her performance in the drama. She also became the first Black woman to win the Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Limited Series, Movie, or Dramatic Special at the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards, for her excellent work on I May Destroy You.

Besides Chewing Gum and I May Destroy You, Michaela Coel has also done work in several Netflix productions. She has guest-starred in the series Black Mirror, played the role of Kate Ashby in Black Earth Rising, and starred as Simone in the film Been So Long.

The actress is a huge star now and it seems to have increased the scrutiny of the appearance she faced when she was up and coming. She allegedly got some plastic surgery a few years ago and fans believe that the comments about her looks drove her to go under the knife. Continue reading to know more about Michaela Coel’s plastic surgery!

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Michaela Coel’s Plastic Surgery: Fans Say I May Destroy You Actress Had The Perfect Nose Job and Cheek and Chin Reshaping!

Michaela Coel is believed to have undergone plastic surgery including a nose job, cheek fillers or implants, and chin reshaping.

Michaela Coel was recently cast to be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She is set to play the role of Aneka, a queer woman, and member of the Dora Milaje. The announcement of this was done a month ago but discussions about her appearance and the plastic surgery that resurged after the announcement are still going on.

Michaela Coel seems to have made just the best decision for her face when she went in for a nose job is what almost all of her fans believe. They are seriously thrilled about the results of her incredible rhinoplasty. The general consensus, barring a few stray and some negative comments, is that her plastic surgery is some of the best they had lately seen in among celebrities.

The nose job is subtle, it really brings out her cheeks and her eyes, and it’s just perfect, according to the fans. And what’s more, they just admire how the plastic surgery on her nose has accentuated her naturally large, brown almond-shaped eyes and her cheekbones. Some of them want their own nose job after seeing hers because maybe their cheekbones will start popping with a different nose.

While there are some fans who are not totally getting why Michaela Coel even had to get plastic surgery (she just already looked so gorgeous and didn’t need any) and are not really loving that nose job, they are really few in number. There were discussions about it on Lipstick Alley and one person wrote that the nose job was too predictable and boring to deserve the compliments it has been getting. The round tip was narrowed and made pointer, the nose bridge had been made slimmer, and the wider nostrils had been reduced. It was nothing to write home about, supposedly.

While a few people don’t love the plastic surgery she did on her nose, there are others who don’t believe she had one at all. Those people are mostly of the opinion that she has lost weight and that can alter the shape of the nose, which is why people think she had her nose changed. They say that nose can spread when you put on weight and shrink when you lose weight and believe that is what happened with Michaela Coel.

Some of them believe Michaela Coel’s nose job was just weight loss and others are not convinced of plastic surgery because they think that the changes in her nose are just because of makeup. According to them, the difference in her nose just looks like a really good and remarkable contour because rhinoplasty on black people with broader noses tends to be extremely obvious and this is just too subtle for that.

Aside from the speculations about Michaela Coel’s nose job, people also think she has had other plastic surgery like chin reshaping and cheek reshaping or implants. They say she has hit gold with all these works and is now the standard of bone structure. The chin projection, whether it is filler or implant, has done wonders for her face even though the work is subtle and she looks like herself. The cheek definition does suit her perfectly.

Michaela Coel, as they say, is plastic surgery goal. They say that she has had the most excellent plastic surgery. Some of them think that her chin reshaping is a little unsubtle but the cheek implants and nose job are very tastefully done.

The number of people who celebrate Michaela Coel’s plastic surgery is very big but there are also some who don’t think that it is something to be celebrated because it just meant that what the black British men and others used to say when they made fun of her features, Blackness, Africanness which was just plain misogynoir through and through, got to her.

Michaela Coel had previously opened up about how she used to be affected by what people used to say about her appearance. She has said that she no longer cares about what those trolls have said or have to say about her but some fans don’t think she’s totally over it which they believe is why she chose to get plastic surgery.

That was probably the time when I looked for people’s opinions, and some of it hurt quite a lot. I don’t look anymore, because it doesn’t seem like a smart thing to do. Life is tricky enough navigating being a woman, being a Black woman, being a dark-skinned woman in England on television. It’s so hard.

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