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On June 3, 2022 By Harvey

Dave Bautista's Weight Gain: The Former WWE Champion Wants Different Kind of Bulky!

Dave Bautista recently revealed that he had been undergoing a weight gain via an Instagram post. The former WWE wrestler...
On May 31, 2022 By Rachel

Adriana Lima's Weight Gain: The Model's Body Transformation Explained!

Adriana Lima's weight gain has piqued the interest of fans in 2022. The weight gain of the model is not...
On May 29, 2022 By Urban

Tully: Charlize Theron’s Weight Gain: Gained Around 50 lbs for the Movie; Weighs Around 120 lbs as of 2022!

Charlize Theron reportedly gained 50 pounds for the movie, Tully. She was comfortable in the beginning, however, started having depression...
On May 26, 2022 By Urban

ESPN: Zach Wilson's Weight Gain Transformation Uncovered!

Zach Wilson's weight gain of over 10 pounds is quite visible in 2022. Why did the American football quarterback for...
On May 26, 2022 By Rachel

Victoria Beckham's Weight Gain: Has The Former Spice Girls Member Been Weight Training?

Victoria Beckham is speculated to have undergone a weight gain after she launched a new shapewear collection called the VB...
On May 24, 2022 By Sharon

Lori Harvey's Weight Gain: Check Out The Model's Workout Regimen and Diets For Weight Loss!

Lori Harvey recently posted a TikTok video where she revealed that she had had a relationship weight gain of 15...
On May 22, 2022 By Rachel

TWICE: Why Did Jeongyeon Gain Weight?

Jeongyeon's weight gain is a source of concern and worry for the ONCEs. The TWICE member, in the last few...
On May 19, 2022 By Harvey

Zac Efron’s Weight Gain: Fans Are in Love With His Dad Bod!

Zac Efron's weight gain in 2022 is the latest topic of curiosity on the internet. Rising as a phenomenal actor...
On May 19, 2022 By Sharon

Ashley Judd's Weight Gain: People Want to Know The Reason for Her Puffy Face!

Ashley Judd's weight gain is trending on the internet as questions like 'did Ashley Judd gain weight' have become commonplace....
On May 17, 2022 By Sharon

Jazz Jennings' Weight Gain: Revealed in an Instagram Post; Look at Her Pictures Now!

Jazz Jennings underwent a massive weight gain of 100 pounds in less than 2 years as was visible and which...
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