Victoria Beckham’s Weight Gain: Has The Former Spice Girls Member Been Weight Training?


Victoria Beckham's Weight Gain: Has The Former Spice Girls Member Been Weight Training?

Victoria Beckham is speculated to have undergone a weight gain after she launched a new shapewear collection called the VB Body which is about emphasizing curves. In an interview with Grazia, the former Spice Girls member revealed that she had been doing weight training where she was lifting weights to get a good bottom, which has sparked Victoria Beckham’s weight gain rumors.

Victoria Beckham OBE (née Adams) is an English singer-songwriter, fashion designer, and television personality. She started her career with music and rose to prominence in the 1990s as a member of the girl group the Spice Girls, in which she was nicknamed Posh Spice. The girl group went on to become the best-selling female group of all time with over 100 million records sold worldwide.

The singer continued on with music even after the Spice Girls split in 2001. She signed with Virgin Records and released her self-titled debut solo album, which spawned two UK Top 10 singles and peaked at number 10 on the UK Album Chart. In 2002, she signed with Telstar Records and 19 Management and recorded two albums Open Your Eyes and Come Together. To decide which of them to release, she dropped a double-A side with singles from both, Let Your Head Go, and This Groove to check out the market reception. But before she could release either, Telstar announced bankruptcy in April 2004 and Victoria moved on to fashion.

Following high profile collaborations with several brands, in 2008, Victoria Beckham launched an eponymous label and followed it with a lower-priced (diffusion) label in 2011. The same year, the Victoria Beckham label was named designer brand of the year in the UK. In 2017, she was appointed an OBE for services to the fashion industry.

The fashion designer is married to former Association football player David Beckham. They have four children together.

Victoria Beckham has recently been generating questions and curiosity about her weight gain. That raises the question: What happened for the fans to speculate or think that she has undergone weight gain? Let’s find out!

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Victoria Beckham’s Weight Gain: The Fashion Designer Just Wants to Have a Good Bottom!

Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham) recently launched a new shapewear collection called the VB Body, which is all about emphasizing the curves women have. She has been inspired to make this collection by the desire among women to have a nice, round, curvy bottom. The launching of this new collection that promotes a body type that is not skinny has been the reason behind the speculations about Victoria Beckham’s weight gain.

But how did that come to be? Could it be that she showed off her weight gain to put the focus on having a curvy body for the sake of her new brand? Well, what exactly happened for all these weight gain gossips to start was that for the promotion of her new line, the fashion designer posed in pieces from her shapewear range for the cover of Grazia magazine in which she channeled a Playboy bunny and sat for an interview with them- that interview where she made comments about how being skinny is a traditional and outdated attitude and unintentionally sparked the weight gain rumors.

The former Spice Girls said that wanting to be really thin is an old-fashioned attitude, and most women today want to look healthy and curvy and want to have some boobs and a bum. While she was advocating for and calling for the celebration of the curvier body as she was bringing down the skinny bodies from the pedestal of unfair and rigid body standards, the interviewer for Grazia couldn’t help but make an observation that Victoria herself was looking slender than ever. In response to that observation, she revealed that she did want as good a bottom as she can get and that’s why she’s been switching up her fitness regime to focus on lifting heavy weights five or six days a week.

This response about her weight training quite stood out from the rest of the things she said in the interview and created interest in the results of her new fitness regime. They especially want to know if she has had a weight gain or not.

However, as Victoria Beckham said, being curvy is not about being a certain size and it was more about knowing who you are and being happy with who you are. So, examining weight gain is not how you go on about viewing and making notes of the curves. She also shared that she has already found her own balance between wanting to have fun and being disciplined about eating healthily and working out.

The Posh Spice added that even though she had always been a bit scared of weights, as she started doing them, it turned out to be something she loved, especially the special gloves she got to wear. And she feels that it’s good to switch things up and keep your body guessing, which has made her gain more muscle tone now.

So, looks like Victoria Beckham’s weight gain is all that muscle tone she gained from weight training to get a good bottom. It’s most likely not too noticeable, very subtle and just shows in her fitter and more toned body.

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