Kat Von D Is Trying To Hide Her BBL!

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Kat Von D tries to hide her BBL because it looks bad. houseandwhips.com

Kat Von D is suspected of having BBL by her followers. The tattoo artist has been caught many times, in her videos, by her followers looking really weird in her butt area. Kat Von D looks like she’s trying to hide the fact that she had BBL but fans have already spotted it anyway and they think she’s hiding it because the plastic surgery didn’t turn out the way she wanted it to. 

Kat Von D rose to popularity in 2007 when she appeared in the TLC reality television show LA Ink. She was a phenomenal tattoo artist and also very edgy and people fell in love with that. The show ran for four seasons during which she garnered a sizable fanbase. But as she went on to generate controversy with her anti-vax views and her anti-semitism, she lost a lot of her goodwill.

Kat Von D used to head her own beauty brand KVD Vegan Beauty but she sold it to “focus on her music career” which didn’t really take off the way she probably wanted it to. Now, she has a vegan shoe brand and it does not even look like she’s vegan anymore which is pissing off people because she is profiting off veganism without actually following it. They also don’t like that she’s antivax and yet, seems to have injected herself with Botox and fillers. She is also believed to have undergone BBL. Let’s talk about that today!

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Has Kat Von D Had BBL?

Kat Von D (@thekatvond) is suspected by many of her followers of having undergone a BBL procedure.

Kat Von D seems to have had BBL according to some of her followers. houseandwhips.comKat Von D seems to have had BBL according to some of her followers.
Image Source: People

Does Kat look like she has had butt enhancements to anyone? I bet a lot of people don’t see it and now that they are seeing all these speculations that she had plastic surgery to reshape her a*ss and make it bigger, they are confused about it. I know what they are probably thinking, ‘What is it about her that makes people think that Kat has had BBL? And why don’t I see it? Are those meaningless rumors? Or are they onto something here?’

Well, to answer their question, the thing that’s making people think that Kat Von D has done some cosmetic work on her butt is her butt obviously because surely, they are not looking at her face and going, ‘She looks like she has undergone a BBL procedure.’ Now, putting snark aside, you might not be able to see that her butt looks fake or unnatural in any way but that’s not because it’s not fake. That’s because she tries to hide it.

Kat Von D rarely gives ummm…her behind view or sideways view in her pictures. The followers who discovered that she has likely gotten her butt enhanced happened to find that one out from her videos. There is not much “proof” but, in the stills of the videos that some people have screenshotted, her rear-end looks very fake. They are not that big but they are extremely lifted and it does not look very nice. I think you can tell now why she tries to hide her a*ss from view. She exactly hasn’t had the best BBL.

Why Does Kat Von D Try to Hide Her BBL?

Kat Von D most likely tries to hide her BBL because it's atrocious. houseandwhips.comKat Von D most likely tries to hide her BBL because it’s atrocious.
Image Source: Entertainment Tonight

Now, because there’s really no ‘proof’ other than those hazy screenshots of the stills from her videos, many fans of the tattoo artist think that haters are reaching with their allegations that she has had plastic surgery on her butt. They, for one, don’t think that she’s not the kind to hop onto the bandwagon of any trend because she’s very edgy and cool like that (she wouldn’t get BBL just because it’s in and everyone’s doing it). Also, giant a*ses do not really fit into goth aesthetics which is all petite women.

However, there are people who swear that they saw some scars on Kat Von D’s waist and her behind in the videos of her showing her blackout tattoo, which they think are scars from plastic surgery. Oh, and they also surmise that she got a blackout tattoo on her behind to distract people from her atrocious BBL. Well, it does not look like it’s going to work because her followers have already spotted that her butt sits very high on her back. It looks so ridiculous in those screenshots. No wonder she tries to hide it.

Also, no, Kat Von D is above plastic surgery. She definitely isn’t above imitating the current trend. You don’t have to look at her butt to know that. You just have to look at her face and you will see that she has had tons of Botox and fillers. The fact that she’s anti-vax because ‘vaccines are bad and you never know what’s in them’ but chooses to get modified botulinum toxin injected into her face for elective reasons kind of exposes her hypocrisy and her stupidity and supports the claims that she is not above BBL.

Kat Von D has obviously never admitted to any plastic surgery and I don’t expect that she will be discussing her BBL at length anytime soon.