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On July 30, 2023 By Derick Scholz

Is Dr. House Autistic? Is He Coded? Reddit Update!

The question of whether or not Dr. House is autistic is a hot topic among the show fans, especially on...
On July 29, 2023 By Harvey

Famous Dex’s Teeth: What Is Wrong With Them?

According to sources, Famous Dex's teeth got damaged due to the high use of drugs, especially meth (Methamphetamine). However, the...
On July 27, 2023 By Rachel

Peter Ostrum’s Teeth: How Was the Charlie Actor’s Teeth as a Kid? Willy Wonka & Reddit Update!

Peter Ostrum's teeth have been a debate of speech among Reddit users after it was discovered that his teeth were...
On July 24, 2023 By Sharon

Otto Warmbier's Teeth Before and After: Details of His Dental Injuries!

Otto Warmbier's parents claimed that his bottom teeth looked as though someone had taken pliers and rearranged them when he...
On July 23, 2023 By Urban

Hunter Biden's Teeth: What Happened to It?

Hunter Biden's teeth once created headlines and generated more controversy than his nudes. President Joe Biden's son had just released...
On July 21, 2023 By Harvey

Drake BBL Face: The New Viral Meme on TikTok!

Drake's BBL face meme has gone viral on the internet. The rapper's fans can't get enough of the pictures and...
On July 14, 2023 By Harvey

Is Nicole Wallace Sick/Ill? Health Update!

We've found that many people have been wondering if Nicole Wallace is sick/ill these days. However, reports suggest she is...
On July 14, 2023 By Derick Scholz

Jrue Holiday Wife Cancer: She Underwent Surgery to Remove a Benign Brain Tumour!

Jrue Holiday's wife, Lauren Holiday, previously battled a cancerous brain tumor which was later removed in October 2016. Athe the...
On July 2, 2023 By Urban

Has Elle Fanning Received a Nose Job?

Many people wonder if Elle Fanning has received a nose job as they believe it looks unnatural these days. However,...
On June 26, 2023 By Rachel

What Happened to Singer Khalid? Car Accident June 2023 Update!

Khalid was involved in a car accident on June 2023, just hours before taking the stage at Maryland's FedEx Field...
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