Ariana Madix’s Plastic Surgery: The Vanderpump Rules Star Claims to be a Natural Beauty Who Had Just Had Botox, Lip Fillers, and Jawline Surgery!


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Ariana Madix's Plastic Surgery: The Vanderpump Rules Star Claims to be a Natural Beauty Who Had Just Had Botox, Lip Fillers, and Jawline Surgery!

Ariana Madix has been candid about getting plastic surgery to transform her neck and jawline. The Vanderpump Rules star was also suspected of getting Botox, a brow lift, lip fillers, and cheek fillers. Ariana Madix denied that she had any plastic surgery and claimed to be a natural beauty who had dabbled with just Botox and lip fillers. 

Ariana Madix is an American television personality, actress, model, and author who is most recognized as one of the cast members of the Bravo reality television series Vanderpump Rules. She started her career in the entertainment industry by doing videos for the comedy website CollegeHumor. She proceeded to make appearances in guest roles in several television series including Dads, Anger Management, Single Siblings, and Waking Up with Strangers.

She then went on to star in films such as Working it Out, Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt, Attack of the 50-Foot Cheerleader, Dirty Dealing 3D, and Dead End. At some point, she began working at Lisa Vanderpump‘s restaurants SUR and Villa Blanca, which allowed her to star in the television reality series Vanderpump Rules in 2013. She started appearing in the reality show following the lives of the SUR, PUMP, and Villa Blanca servers soon after.

Ariana Madix also diversified into makeup and in November 2017, she released a holiday lip kit ‘Ariana Nudist Lip Set,’ consisting of three nude-colored lipsticks, in collaboration with Frankie Cosmetics. In 2019, she made an appearance as herself in the comedy television series The Other Two in the episode Chase Shoots a Music Video. In December of the same year, she and Tom Sandoval released their cocktail book Fancy AF Cocktails: Drink Recipes from a Couple of Professional Drinkers by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Recently, she has come under scrutiny which has resulted in discussions about her plastic surgery. Although she has been very open about getting surgery done to get a jawline, people don’t believe that she has been completely truthful about all of the procedures she has gotten and they think that she has had more. However, she says that she’s triggered by the speculations made about her. Let’s find out more about Ariana Madix’s plastic surgery!

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Ariana Madix’s Plastic Surgery: The Reality Star is Speculated of Having Botox, a Brow Lift, Lip Fillers, and Cheek Fillers!

Ariana Madix (@arianamadix) has been open about the plastic surgery she got to get a jawline, which is a new technique called Ellevate™. Fans believe that she has had Botox, a brow lift, lip fillers, and cheek fillers, as well. She has only admitted to having the former two.

Ariana Madix never loved her neck area and she has been vocal about how she thought that she didn’t have a jawline and that her makeup artist Jared Lipscomb drew one on her face every time he got her glammed up, way back in November 2017. That’s a hard thing to admit to but she did. That’s why it should not have come as a surprise when she got plastic surgery to rectify her situation with the jawline.

Ariana Madix got a more permanent solution to her problem than just makeup in 2019. The reality star went to a board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gregory Mueller who completely transformed and shaped her neck and jawline using a new technique called Ellevate™ in just an hour. Though the surgeon explained that it was a great procedure for patients that are wanting to go preventative way and those who are not ready to go completely under the knife, people consider it plastic surgery anyway, done to improve a less-desired, genetically inherited neck.

In 2021, the viewers of Vanderpump Rules noticed that the cast of the show had changed a lot in terms of their appearance over the years when they showed a flashback at one point where they looked very different from then, after which plastic surgery speculations about all the cast including Ariana Madix began on a Reddit thread. One fan noted that her change was so subtle that you couldn’t notice until you saw the comparison photos. People thought that she had had Botox, brow lift, lip fillers, and cheek fillers.

However, Ariana Madix denied getting plastic surgery in response to the thread on Reddit about her and said that the cheek filler comments triggered her. She claimed to be a natural beauty who had not had filler anywhere other than her lips. She also revealed that she had gotten Botox in the crow’s feet area and only a touch to fill in her wrinkles because she can’t avoid the sun and she did not drink enough water. She also said that weight gain might have contributed to the change in her appearance.

Hi! it’s me. I have never put any filler anywhere other than my lips. Cheek comments are very triggering to me. I will always tell anyone what I’ve done! I had a procedure called Ellevate for my neck and I love it. I’ve gotten Botox here and there in the crow’s feet area but it feels really constricting to my expressions so I don’t like it to do it more than just right there once a year or so. 

Though Botox and fillers are cosmetic procedures, they are not invasive and Ariana Madix does not consider those plastic surgery. And even if she did, they were the stuff she got in the past. She said that she stopped getting them sometime later. When a fan asked the Florida native if she had recently injected herself with Botox or any other fillers, she said that she was naturally smooth at the moment.

Ariana Madix then revealed that she felt claustrophobic in her own face when she tried Botox and stopped getting it after realizing that it wasn’t for her. She also said that she had dabbled with filler in the past but she didn’t have any at that moment. However, she had gotten 0.5 ml of fillers on her lips a few times to smooth out the deep wrinkles, and that it was the extent of it.

However, Ariana Madix does not consider Botox and lip fillers as plastic surgery.

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