Celebrity Weight Loss

Bobby Berk's weight loss journey on "Queer Eye" saw him shed over 25 pounds and gain 185 pounds of lean muscle, transforming from a couch potato to a fitness inspiration!

Queer Eye: Bobby Berk’s 25-Pound Weight Loss!


Bobby Berk’s weight loss journey on “Queer Eye” saw him shed over 25 pounds and gain 185 pounds of lean ...

Beth Ditto is happy the way she is and has no plans to lose weight. houseandwhips.com

Beth Ditto Doesn’t Think About Weight Loss!

Derick Scholz

houseandwhips.com – Beth Ditto has no plans to undergo weight loss anytime soon or far in the future. At 5’2″, she ...

Kitty Chicha has worried her fans with a drastic change in her figure. houseandwhips.com

Did Kitty Chicha Undergo Weight Loss For Modeling or Acting?


houseandwhips.com – Kitty Chicha Amatayakul’s fans are worried about her health because she has gotten too skinny following weight loss ...

Sydney Sweeney's fans want to know if she has ever used Ozempic to lose weight. houseandwhips.com

Did Sydney Sweeney Have Weight Loss With the Help of Ozempic?


houseandwhips.com – Sydney Sweeney is not someone who needs to get skinnier because she has no incentive to undergo weight ...

Lisa Valastro started a fitness journey in 2014. houseandwhips.com

Lisa Valastro’s Weight Loss Secret is Her Bounce Classes!

Derick Scholz

houseandwhips.com – Lisa Valastro had a major weight loss transformation when she lost about 85 pounds in 2014 and since ...

Anant Ambani once was very thin when he had just lost 108 kgs. houseandwhips.com

Anant Ambani Skinny: 108 KG Weight Loss Turned Anant Ambani Skinny!


Is Anant Ambani skinny? He achieved remarkable weight loss, shedding 108 kg in less than 18 months. Anant Ambani’s journey ...

Ben Mulroney has supposedly lost weight because he's sick and has some illness and health problems. houseandwhips.com

Ben Mulroney Weight Loss and Illness: Is He Sick or in Good Health?


houseandwhips.com – Ben Mulroney underwent an impressive weight loss transformation when he lost 25 pounds in 2015. He does not ...

Reddit Examines Dronme Davis' Drastic Weight Change! houseandwhips.com

Reddit Examines Dronme Davis’ Weight Loss With Photos!


houseandwhips.com – Dronme Davis’ before and after weight loss photos suggest she has lost around 60-80 pounds. However, some Reddit users ...

Golfer Rocco Mediate underwent a dramatic physical transformation over several years. houseandwhips.com

Rocco Mediate’s Career is Going Well After Weight Loss!


houseandwhips.com – Golfer Rocco Mediate has definitely undergone weight loss but not recently. He’s lost about 80 pounds over the ...

Lindsay Hubbard Lost Weight After Splitting With Ex-fiancé! houseandwhips.com

Lindsay Hubbard’s Weight Loss After Splitting With Ex-fiancé


houseandwhips.com – Lindsay Hubbard claims that she had a drastic weight loss following the failed engagement with her ex-fiancé, Carl ...